Michelle Rozman|Oct 17, 2018
I'm so happy to hear this news! Thanks for sharing the video. I will continue to pray. Sending my love to all!
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Allison Moore|Oct 4, 2018
Beautiful! Thank you for including the video..music to my ears and tears of joy to my eyes 😀
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Suzanne Leach|Oct 4, 2018
So happy to hear the good news. Things have been crazy here, too, but hopefully I’ll be there for a visit soon. Thanks for the update.

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kristy murray|Oct 4, 2018
Are you sure that video is Janet?
It doesn't look anything like her.
The message is nice "I love you --thank you for all of your prayers"--but it is also a YouTube video.
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Joyce Peterson|Oct 4, 2018
Wow, Janet, you're looking so good! I can't imagine how difficult the situation has been for you and Willy and your children - the last couple of months. I am so glad you are progressing in the speech therapy. Thank you for your HARD work! Thank you, Willy, for your care of my friend - and the hard work you're putting in to do so. We've been praying for you. We love you and look forward to many more good reports.
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