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She's got her voice back!

Hello all.  

I am sorry for the lack of posts.  I'm not surprised to report that soon after Mom & Dad were together that we faced the beginning of busy season with our business.  I am not surprised because it seems like God's timing to me.  He gave me just enough time to care for her until I was no longer needed.  

Most likely, I will only get busier & busier from here.  

Dove is continuing to visit as often as possible, and she is handling all the finance/business affairs of Mom & Dad - mostly pertaining to their application for Medicaid at the moment.  

And Barney & Glory are continuing to visit when they are able.

The big HUGE news is that Mom is talking now!  

It was so delightful to hear her voice for the first time in so long.  She is working so hard with the speech therapist and my dad.  She's got exercises multiple times a day, and she even ate some ice cream the other day.  

Today Ellie and I visited and she talked a lot.  We held up a book (Power of Praying for your Adult Children) and she read a paragraph out loud while holding the book up on her own. 

Watch the video to see & hear her! 

My dad is doing a great job caring for her, but his memory is still pretty bad.  He has to be reminded of a lot of things, but he remembers daily that his main job is to care for Mom.  

We would love your prayers for continued restoration for both of them!  

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  • Michelle Rozman : I'm so happy to hear this news! Thanks for sharing the video. I will continue to pray. Sending my love to all!
  • Allison Moore : Beautiful! Thank you for including the video..music to my ears and tears of joy to my eyes 😀
  • Suzanne Leach : So happy to hear the good news. Things have been crazy here, too, but hopefully I’ll be there for a visit soon. Thanks for the update. Suzanne
  • kristy murray : Are you sure that video is Janet? It doesn't look anything like her. The message is nice "I love you --thank you for all of your prayers"--but it is also a YouTube video.
  • Joyce Peterson : Wow, Janet, you're looking so good! I can't imagine how difficult the situation has been for you and Willy and your children - the last couple of months. I am so glad you are progressing in the speech therapy. Thank you for your HARD work! Thank you, Willy, for your care of my friend - and the hard work you're putting in to do so. We've been praying for you. We love you and look forward to many more good reports.