Therese Briggs|Aug 3, 2018
Hi Jan: We are so happy you are working so hard on healing and staying with us for awhile longer on this earth. May God give you the gift of endurance as well as Peace and healing . I am so thankful they moved you to Riverbend and actually could diagnose the cyst on the spine and be able to remove it...Really boggles my mind why they do not have an MRI in a hospital . Seems to me they should always be able to get a replacement immediately...Thank God they got that figured out!
Praying for full recovery for you dear sweet Jan....may your family continue to draw closer to each other and allow God to fill them with His Peace and Comfort too!
(St Francis 50th Reunion for class of '68 this weekend :) )!!! Rest dear friend and heal we'll be doing what Carmelites do best PRAY :} ) Love to you and your family Therese'
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Judy Spearin|Jul 31, 2018
Jan - you are so blessed to have such loving family and friends! Am praying for you daily and have lit my 'special' candle for your quick and back to normal recovery! I won't be coming to the hospital as I feel you need all the peace and quiet (in a hospital?) you can get. Just know that you are being thought of! love, prayers and good thoughts. Judy Sp
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Liz Norene|Jul 30, 2018
I'm so grate to our Loving God that he is allowing Jan to stay with us. We all were so worried as we heard of her illness and felt helpless. We are grateful that she has such a strong family. She is a strong, brave woman, a model to all of her OCDS sisters and brothers. We miss her and our constant prayers are with her and all of her family. Love in Carmel, Liz
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Pat Tresselle|Jul 30, 2018
Tell Jan hello from Pat Tresselle from OCDS. We are so happy she is progressing - the rest will come with God's grace. Tell her we love her and are praying for her still. I will be secretary for the time of her recovry.
Love you, Jan........................Pat
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Lavonne Hamlin|Jul 30, 2018
So grateful for Jan's progress!! What miracles! Our OCDS groups, Carmelite Sisters, Friars, Portland OCDS, whole NW OCDS, St Padre Pio prayer groups will keep the prayers coming. I put Jan (without her last name) on 3 international prayer sites on Facebook, so she is being prayed for world wide! What a wonderful family and we are keeping Denny and all in our prayers as well. I gave this site to Bishop Liam Cary (Liam) also, just now so he can keep updated as well. May God continue to bless!
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