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ICU Day 18

Mom made some progress on Thursday. She was taken off of the ventilator and is maintaining good vital signs. Her recovery from the spine surgery will take some time but she is able to move her arms and legs so we are hopeful for a full recovery.. Her sedation has been lifted and she is awake and communicating with us quite a bit. Its been difficult for her to swallow post-op so as much as she wants to drink/eat nothing is allowed by mouth yet. She's been making us laugh on occasion...telling me yesterday to look in the corner for her cream soda because she wanted to cheat while the nurses weren't around.😉As much as we are all excited to be talking to her we are encouraging her to rest her throat as much as possible. I don't think that any of us anticipated such a long ICU stay but we're coming to terms with what will be a long road to full recovery. Our family is so very thankful for the outpouring of love, support, and continued encouragement from all of you...Colleen

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ICU...Day 14

Jan entered the ICU on July 11th suffering excruciating neck pain. The Dr's had a difficult time trying to diagnose and locate the cause of her systemic infection even after days of testing and procedures. She was finally transferred on this past Tuesday, July 24th, to a hospital and unit that was better equipped to handle her specific needs. After further testing on Tuesday evening she was taken to the O.R. for emergency surgery and is now back in the ICU recovering. She is still needing a ventilator to help her stay well oxygenated and is constantly being monitored for signs of infection. We are all hoping and praying that the uphill battle is over and that we can all start focusing on supporting both of our parents through what will be a long road to full healing and recovery.