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Hello Fellow Viewers,
My name is Janet. I go by Eli for all my friends and military family that know me. I've decided to continue my blogging as it helps me cope with my anxiety and depression. I hope to inspire a few people to keep it going along the way. Much gratitude and love to those viewing these entries. Please stay with me as I just started writing again recently.

With a new day comes new strength & new thoughts.


Newest Update

Journal entry by Janet Eliasson

You're fault or their fault. What does it matter. 
We could play the blame game.
But the only blame was the expectation. 

The words were there, but the actions failed, miserably.
Even though you were who you said you were.
Even though you gave them the best of you
Basically all that you had left of you

It's shattered, broken pieces on the floor.
To pick up those pieces would only cut you more.

Endured that shame long enough
The blame is placed upon your name
In their eyes you simply were not enough

But they mislead you down a long winding road of deception and lies
They made you believe their disguise

Only a coward would do that
Hide away in a sea of lies to push you to the edge and watch you fall
But they don't know that you can walk on water
You're strength is limitless, if you just don't quit

The feeling of betrayal is bitter sweet
Because now you know
That's half of your battle already won
Better days are yet to come

Your perspective is where your power lies
Making your moves in secret 
Taking back what is yours 
You'll redeem yourself in due time

Let me give honor to my struggle it makes me bolder that way
It make me know that living is worth this heartache 
Because it won't last forever 

Pain is gain because it keeps you resilient
It wakes you up in moments of despair 
But most importantly it keeps your humble

You know what rock bottom is
But yet your gather all those broken rocks
Build your foundation, build your structure
You build with all your broken pieces 
Until you are whole once again. 


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