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Site created on April 2, 2018

 As many of you are aware our Mother has been placed in the hospital .  We are usually very private people , but many people have been inquiring after Jane and given the circumstance she can use all of the prayers/good wishes she can get.  We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support and prayers- keep them coming! 
Megan , Lauren, Michael, Jacob, & Emma 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Megan Daly

By the looks of it this will hopefully be the last post I have to update ... Countdown has begun - June 21st is the date for Jane’s release and when she will be back at home! We  finished a run through at our house earlier today with Jane& her physical therapists to see where we go from here. A little bit of floor plan rearranging has to be done- flip flopping dining room into bedroom. She is able to walk on flat surfaces and when not on flat ground 

/ long distances a wheelchair is used . Steps are going to be a challenge in our house. Jane is still working up to those, but she will tackle them eventually . Therapy will continue once she is home- she has certainly progressed, but not back to 100% Jane capacity. 


My siblings also surprised Jane by bringing our dog to see her at her nursing facility. Jane thought we were getting her in the wheelchair just to move her around outside on the nice day. I don’t know who was more excited to see who. 



 To our incredible  friends , family, and wonderful community , on Jane’s behalf I cannot and will not ever be able to thank everyone enough. So here I am in hopes of reaching many of you and yet I will still manage to forget people - so in advance apologies. 




-To the medical staff at St. Elizabeth, U.C., Christ, and Highlandspring, who have literally saved Jane’s life and helped her on her on this long road of recovery  


-To  all who have visited  Jane and continue to do so. It makes the day go by faster to catch up with friends and allows us to have a break. 


-all of the hugs/ prayers/good wishes/words of encouragement: those who remained positive for us & lifted us up when we need it the most & those who still continue to lift us up 


-to the pay it forward friends who chose to remain anonymous ... your kindness does not go unnoticed


-Our fantastic neighbors who dedicated many hours sprucing up our front yard to surprise Jane (she saw it today and loved the beautiful flowers and was amazed to see  the monster honeysuckle tree was removed 😉  )


-For the gift cards + pre made  meals ...after being in a hospital setting all day to know that I had dinner  taken care of  was such a relief


- A big thank you to the Fort Thomas Community, Fort Thomas Independent Schools, and others who have helped immensely in alleviating financial burden through the GoFundMe... what kind generosity - you all rendered Jane speechless


-To Jane’s Moyer Family (staff, students, & parents) thank you for a great many things :cards, videos, banners, a lot of love,and a meal train that made sure we never went hungry ☺️ 


-Jane’s family a million thanks for all you've done for Mom ... and us. You’ve been such a help on many levels. We love you all.

To my resilient siblings don’t ever doubt how much I appreciate all you have contributed. Over the years you have had to grow up faster than most your age, despite that you are stronger because of it. Love you guys. 


Mom: hope you never have to read any of these updates, but if you do...Don’t doubt your achievements in recovery thus far. You know how much we all love you and how exceptionally blessed we are that you beat the odds. Time to keep moving forward in this unpredictable & yet wonderful adventure called life. 


With much gratitude,


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