Honor James

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19 Tribute Donations

“Keep on smilin!”

— Brooks and Suzie

“In honor of James Berg. Donation for Sarah Sandin whose many prayers helped guide James path to recovery. May she rest in peace.”

— Poppy and Gramma B

“In honor of James Berg.”

— Hamilton Family

“In honor of James Berg.”

— Ryan O'Reilly & Family

“In honor of James Berg. We are so proud of you!”

— Poppy and Gramma B

“In honor of James Berg-So happy for James and your family! We wish all of you continued health and happiness today and all the tomorrows that follow.”

— Sydney Watson and Family

“In honor of James Berg, a handsome and beautiful boy.”

— Chet & Debbie Emmett

“In honor of James Berg & Tony Trotter.”

“Be strong, big guy. You make us all so proud!”

— Jonathan Meaney

“In honor of James Berg”

— Kathy Clements