Journal entry by Jessica Hawkins

Dad's been up talking since 3:30 am with Joanne, fully alert. I talked to him earlier today and he knew that I was there this week. He kept saying that he's not going anywhere yet, he's going to keep fighting! Fam of you can make it up to Wyoming please do, tomorrow isn't promised for any of us. 
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Journal entry by Jessica Hawkins

Hey everyone, dad's sleeping nonstop since 5 pm yesterday, he isn't in pain. He's not saying words anymore, just mumbling a little when he's not sleep. Per the doctor they'll keep medicating him forthe pneumonia and providing pain meds as needed. For the tumors in his brain per the doctor he's no longer a candidate for chemotherapy nor radiation, either treatment could immediately kill him. So it's hard news but it's the real deal. If anyone can visit within the next week please do so. I'll update this site again if anything changes/ if he's awake. I'll be heading back home this afternoon, I do not want to get on the phone and tell the same info to several ppl, it's exhausting. Please look on here for updates. 
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