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Welcome to our CaringBridge website.  As we continue our journey to beat this cancer beast, with the encouragement of so many warriors, I am starting this new site to continue to share, to inspire, to relive, to witness the love of our amazing God, to support the strongest, most faithful, most loving and devoted man you will ever know, my husband and my children’s father and their kids Grandpa! United with family and friends we are an army of fearless warriors. Our hearts are overflowing with the love and support from each and every one of you. We understand that our loving God has a plan for us and we are living each day with his guidance and assurance. God is Good, All the time!!

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Journal entry by Cindy Roberts

Last Night.....I was driving home from Topeka...in very similar circumstances weather-wise....Wet, cold, dreary, wipers on, snow flurries here and there....and far in the distance, eastward bound, coming over a hill were the lights of an ambulance.....driving with determination...no doubt transporting a person in need of emergency care.  I almost had to pull off to the side of the road and catch my breath as it was like a blast in the face to me.  Yesterday was the 28th of October.....but One Year Ago on the 26th of October, I posted the very same drama unfolding for us yet again.  ONE YEAR....that was the last hospital emergency ride and hospital stay during the cancer journey.  We have been given incredible blessings and we do not take anything for granted.  Seize the moments, enjoy waking up, praying to our awesome God for the Grace he has provided for us!!  

Jim still has his gall bladder....we don’t know how long this temporary fix will continue to work for him....but we will take it for now.  A follow up with his surgeon at KU has not been set up yet, but that will be the next step when the time comes. Thanks be to God!!

The following is a post from Oct 26th, 2018

You know what this is???

I’m almost reluctant to share this because it seems like a never ending saga and I’m sure most of you are sick of our relentless stories. But the picture is my car, following an ambulance, transporting Jim to KU Med, AGAIN.

When we left Herington we thought Jim would be having Emergency Surgery to remove his Gallbladder.

After an intense trip with rain all the way, Jim in the Ambulance which is such a rough ride all the way and me driving and struggling to believe this was really happening for the 3rd time.....!!!

Now we know....No surgery tonight for sure. Surgeon is not keen on ANY surgery immediately with how recent the bowel resection was. 3 weeks ago yesterday. Lots of blood cultures and tests but for tonight just fluids and antibiotics. They will talk to us more tomorrow about other possible solutions without surgery at this time after they study the CT scan closer and get some other test results. Doctors want to look for any stones or blockages in the ducts and possibly that could be remedied with drugs til he's healed enough to do surgery. So....not so bad!

The best thing is that Jim isn't suffering any pain at all! The sad thing Is that for the first time in weeks he was actually hungry and wanting to eat...and he gets ice chips.

And we have a room at KU Med with a view for the first time in a long long time. What I know for sure is that our Amazingly Awesome God is so Good, All the time! I can almost see heaven directly above us and I am truly feeling his presence.

For now....Jim is settled in and I’m kickin back in one of my favorite recliners. 🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️

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