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January 16, 2020

Please help ! As many of you know and love James Dobbs know the story behind his terminal illness the evil C word. Jim as we all know does nothing but give, he’s helped many of us along his journey and now it’s time to help him be able to give back to Hospice which is now involved (they are volunteer workers) Hospice care will begin immediately and work with keeping Jim comfortable. Each year Jim has a picnic for all the survivors and ones currently fighting (including himself) he doesn’t ask for anything, just our time, donations and love. This fundraiser will be set up with his permission to raise money to donate to hospice and local firehouses. While he’s still here with us it will be in his honor and will continue in his memory when the man up stairs decides it’s his time.  Please take the time to share, donate and help Jim as he has so graciously helped all of us at one point! Jim loves each and everyone of you and always remember somehow you’ve touched his life!

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