Honor James

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18 Tribute Donations

Gifted by MH.ary Haecker

“What a wonderful $ strong boy you are....Mary H. Haecker”
Susan and Brian Flynn

Gifted by Susan and Brian Flynn

“In honor of James Deere”
Pamela Doyle

Gifted by Pamela Doyle

“In honor of James Deere Merry Christmas to my buddy James!”

Gifted by Alice LaChapelle

“In honor of James Deere”

Gifted by The Barnhart Family

“This donation is from Nathan, a little boy who asked his family and friends to donate to a child in need instead of getting him a birthday present.”

Gifted by Ian Rubel

“In honor of James Deere”

Gifted by Paulette H. Walsh

“In honor of James Deere. You are in our prayers.”

Gifted by anonymous

Jennifer Natale

Gifted by Jennifer Natale

“In honor of James Deere”

Gifted by Maria Munoz

“In honor of James Deere”