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April 1, 2021

Dad is still in the hospital but may be discharged tomorrow....we hope. He had a couple more tests today to compare to those done when he was admitted. Planning to call soon (after shift change) to talk to his nurse and get the results. His spirits are good! Mom has been able to visit during the day, but she’s the only visitor allowed due to COVID restrictions. Dad told me this morning he’s ready to come home! All of us, especially our wonderful caregivers, have been preparing for his homecoming. 

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March 27, 2021

Dad was readmitted to the hospital today because he was having difficulty breathing. It’s been a long day, but I will say he’s in great hands with wonderful caregivers. His spirits are good now, but he was crying about being admitted when the doctor broke the news. He has fluid around his heart and possible sepsis. He’s receiving a lot of fluids to try and help with this, although that may sound counterintuitive. They are testing for a urinary tract infection too. This might explain his increased confusion in the last week or so. Right now, he’s in the best hands, and we will pray he’s back home soon. 

March 18, 2021

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, but no news is good news as the saying goes. Dad continues to do well. He’s had some weight gain lately due to his congestive heart failure, and we are trying to manage that with extra medications per the doctor’s orders. He’s really restricting sodium intake and doing all he can to help on his end. He sure does love his salty snacks, but he’s given them up completely for now. Mom is also being very mindful of what she prepares for dinner. 

Most recently, we had a hospital bed delivered compliments of the VA. Dad doesn’t need it at present, but there will likely be a need in the future. In the meantime, Michael brought a queen size bed of ours that elevates the head of the bed and foot as well. It fit perfectly in their existing bed frame. It even vibrates for massage but he doesn’t care for that! 🤣  The goal is to make sure he’s comfortable, and he says he loves the new bed. He still doesn’t sleep too much and is awake throughout the night. Our wonderful caregivers get him up if he wants, but they also try to encourage him to go back to sleep. 

The other fantastic news is that we have care in the home 24/7 now, and both mom and dad are very grateful...and the rest of us too! We have found a wonderful team that cares so much about both mom and dad, and they work together if someone needs a little time off. We couldn’t ask for a better situation. 

Mom and Dad have both received their first COVID vaccinations, me and Michael included as well as several of our caregivers. Some caregivers have received both vaccinations and are completely covered. That’s a sigh of relief, but we all know we still have to take our precautions. 

I think that’s everything for now. Please continue your prayers. 


February 5, 2021

Dad continues to do well since his hospital release and has gained some strength. He can walk a few steps before his knees start to buckle on him, but his spirits are very good. I wanted to post something today, even if it's not much news. We have the most wonderful caregivers, and yesterday, Dad had his very first selfie with them! Don't know what we'd do without such dedicated, caring help in the home. We love them and they truly have become a part of our crazy family!


January 29, 2021

Dad has been doing well. We have another caregiver scheduled to start on Sunday night and to fill in times that aren’t covered and give one of our other caregivers a much needed break. She seems to be a great fit for our family...a very loving and caring person.  I’ll be with her over the weekend to make sure she’s comfortable with everything. Now that Dad is regaining some of his strength, our goal is to keep him at home. 


January 26, 2021

Dad has had a couple of rough nights and cannot walk at all unassisted. He mostly rides in the seat of his walker now, and transfers are more difficult. His breathing is very compromised when he lies flat due to his heart failure. He sleeps best in the recliner at an angle but doesn’t really like it. He slept in the bed last night and was restless most of the night. Thank God Vicki was there with me and let me get some sleep from not sleeping much at all Sunday night. We girls cover the weekends and Monday night, and our caregivers cover 24/7 the rest of the week. We could not have more loving and attentive caregivers than we do. We are very blessed to have them as part of our family now. Please continue prayers for Dad’s recovery from the pneumonia and that we can get him the physical therapy he needs to get back up to speed. 


January 25, 2021

Dad seems to be regaining a little of the strength he lost in the hospital. He had a rough night but a good day today. His heart failure and coughing keep him awake (and us too) at night. Vicki and I are having a Zoom meeting with a nurse from an assisted living facility tonight. The purpose is to assess Dad’s needs and the level of care he will require. We are hoping to get him somewhere to get PT every day. He may refuse to do this, but we are hoping for the best. 


January 23, 2021

As many of you already know, Dad was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. He is being discharged home today! He has continued to be in good spirits even though he had quite a day on Thursday. Family and caregivers are in place for this transition, and hopefully he will recover fully soon.