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Hello friends.  
This message comes to you tonight with heavy hearts.  
It all started about 2 weeks ago after the boy's 9th birthday party.  Jake started coughing and noticed that he felt a little winded upon running or playing hard.  That week at school he was struggling with his breathing when he played in gym class.  We took him to urgent care at PIP in Maple Grove and they diagnosed him with an ear infection.  They said his lungs sounded great.  
Fast forward to  this morning.  He woke up very swollen and having difficulty breathing.  Sam took him in to North Clinic where they took a chest xray .  They saw a "white suspicious mass" on his lung area.  It was large enough that it was pushing on his heart and trachea.  They immediately recommended that we go to Children's MPLS.  Upon arrival they ordered a CT scan.  
This is what we know this far...….
He has a solid mass that Is invaded his lung space.  It most likely is very fast growing. 
 He had to have a procedure tonight to drain fluid around the mass so they can get in and biopsy it tomorrow and hopefully help him breathe better.  He did this without being sedated and with the assistance of his amazing dad by his side.  My warrior men, they amaze me so much.  He is such a strong and incredible kid.  Anyone that knows Jake well, knows that even flu shots have been  a struggle for him in the past.  God is already provided so much strength for all of us.
Tomorrow they will biopsy the mass and we should know in 24 hours or so of the diagnosis.  We have been informed that they think Jake has lymphoma.  As many of you know, Jake was one of the LLS boys of the year in honor of his mom a few years ago, and has emptied his piggy bank more than once to help fund a cure.  Although we aren't sure that this is his diagnosis, we are praying that whatever it is, it is treatable.
We serve an amazing healer in the Lord Jesus Christ and have and will pray for complete healing for Jacob.  He is our whole world and we hope you will join us on this prayer journey in hope of complete healing.  Please also pray for Sam, as this journey is far too familiar in his heart, And for Ben.  He is hurting too.  
Check back for updates.  We love you all.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by katie locke

6 years ago my boys, and the family I married into, lost this beautiful lady. Memories of her are abundant and pain is still raw for all of them. In a crazy way, the day she lost her life, was essentially the day I realized I needed to start living mine.   
I feel Erika’s presence around Jake in his fight. I see her smile and her energy carrying him. I’ve wondered how she would feel watching her baby fight cancer. Then I know that my presence here is so important. I need to love on her family like she would have.  I share them with her, but they are mine now.  
Her memory is very much alive in our home and always will be.  Jakey looks so much like her. His eyes and lips especially.  He has verbalized that he’s fighting this battle for his mom. He plans on winning. 
So today I’m asking that you all pray for Erika’s family. Her beautiful parents who have adopted me like their own. Her brother and sister in law who love me like their own sibling and my husband who decided to love and live through his grief and find joy again.  God is so good. 🙏🏼🙌🏼
On another note, Jakey did well yesterday at chemo. Port access went perfect. He’s struggling with fatigue, but overall doing ok. Pray for us as we navigate our busy week driving to and from Children’s and for Jake to tolerate this week of chemo treatments.
Once again, thank you for the prayers, meals, donations and surprise visits (thank you Sharon and Bob😀). We are beyond blessed and grateful. 
Have an amazing Tuesday. Think of Erika’s fight today and do or say something nice to brighten someone’s day. We appreciate u all so much. 


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