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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to post your own thoughts, pics, drawings, poetry,etc. as it is my hope that this space may benefit all of us. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful words, acts and loving kindness. I am overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of love and goodwill. Osteosarcoma hasn't a chance in this race. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and supportive friends! There is a Go Fund Me section near the bottom but nobody is required to donate. We are grateful for your support of our  awesome son and our family during Jake's journey and continue to be overwhelmed by the people, patients, parents and vast amount of volunteers and prayer warriors we meet and feel honored to be included in the prayers and good wishes of others who all have their own journeys. Love,

Jen (Mom)

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Journal entry by Jake Hanley


Woke up late today. Jake is usually fatigued and quiet the day after MTX. Yesterday he and Eric played cards and Jake fell asleep before 0730. Lots of fluids going to keep his kidneys flushed of the chemo as quickly as possible. On Sundays, a volunteer from St. Thomas Moore visits each Catholic patient if they would like to receive communion. He is a funny man with somewhat tangential stories that take us to what feels like a barren forgotten left field where we momentarily look around waiting and wondering if that is all. Somehow he deftly runs it home and a powerful kick in the gut,  teary eyed, story that itches at the part of my mind which seems to love any tidbit that demonstrates love, strength compassion pours forth. It ihas become a tradition we look forward to.

Jake is currently sound asleep under his soft afghan with Stephanie's lap afghan tucked under his head. Before he slept we talked of being able to travel in just a couple of months if we want to and Jake shared some Disneyworld facts he's learned recently. He found areas he has not seen and talked excitedly about the Star Wars hotel they are building.  Lovely to hear that joy in his voice when he looks forward. 

The link above is a news clip about our new friends  Rich and Megan Stayskal. I just love them. They surprised Jake with a huge gift bag near Christmas and seeing the gleam in Rich's eye as Jake opened each gift made me laugh. He admitted to getting excited choosing boy gifts and so went overboard! Megan is strength itself. The fact that they visited us with everything they are going through amazes me. 

Here's to health, joy and friendship. 

  • The Hanleys and The  Stayskals- We love you
    The Hanleys and The Stayskals- We love you
  • Coolest hat ever and mighty shirt!
    Coolest hat ever and mighty shirt!
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