Honor Jake

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“Congratulations on renewing your vows. Always thinking positive!”

— Ruth and Rick Liebersbach

— Jack and Margaret Carrusca

“Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service to my brother and his wife, for us older folks who are not able to visit it is a constant in our lives to live \"along\" with Jake Hamoen Bless you in this fine service. ”

— Jack and Ann Dekker

“In honor of Jake Hamoen.”

— margaret and jack carrusca

“In honor of Jake Hamoen”

— George and Jan Takach

“In honor of Jake Hamoen”

— Janet & Greg Lenhart

“In honor of Jake Hamoen”

— John & Ronnie Beans, Ft Myers Florida

“In honor of Jake Hamoen. The blog is a great way of letting family and friends know what is happening. Thanks you for this service.”

— Nick & Jean

“In honor of Jake Hamoen We are thinking of you Jack and Toni Bless you ! Our prayers are on going. Jack and Ann”

— Jack and Ann Dekker