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Nov 22-28

Week of Nov 22-28

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On Friday, Jaden had a follow-up in Rochester with Dr. Cannon (the doctor that monitors his ICD) to make sure the arrhythmias he was having had not started again.  All the tests showed that they had not returned and we no longer need to follow up with him unless he starts to experience symptoms. This past month Jaden also survived COVID 19 and had no complications at all, which we were very grateful for. He just finished up with his 2nd year of football and I wanted to share a picture of him with one of his greatest sources of encouragement, Great Grandma Norma.  Through this journey, she has been a prayer warrior and huge support for all of us.  Even though this year has been rough for so many, we continue to recognize how blessed we are and thankful that no matter what, God is sovereign and remains in control.  

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