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Be thankful and make a difference to someone else

Today Jaden is 12 days post op and is slowly continuing to gain strength.  He still tires very easily and he is not gaining energy as fast as he would like, however, this is all completely normal. When he was released from the hospital he had some fluid on his left lung and his heart rate was running pretty high.  Since we have been home Jaden has seen his family doctor and had a chest x ray.  We are praising God that the fluid is gone and his heart rate is down to normal with the use of his beta blocker. Jaden's incision is looking pretty good and is healing nicely without any infection.  He is pretty much down to taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen twice a day.  For the most part he is doing really well.  Prayer is powerful!! The beginning of last week was rough but ended on a good note.  One of Jaden's hobbies is showing cows for 4h at the Poweshiek county fair.  Unfortunately he was not allowed to show but the fair made an exception and let Jaden's cousin, Kodie, show for him.  Jaden was up quite a bit last Saturday night with pain however he was insistent on going to the fair to watch his cow be shown and support his cousin, brother, and friends.  I was too tired to argue so I gave in and we went.  I am glad I did because Jaden and Treyton's 2nd year bottle calves each got Grand Champion!! Thank you to so many people that offered to help with our animals while we were gone and a special thank you to Stacey James for all help in getting things figured out so Kodie could show in Jaden's place.  We also could not have done any of this without papa Myron!! Through this circumstance I have learned the importance of helping others when they are faced with a tough situation.  So many people have helped us out with care packages for Jaden, financial support, a listening ear when things were rough, and most importantly prayer.  Right now Jaden and I and are getting the opportunity to walk along side a mom and her son while they will be faced with the exact same surgery that Jaden had.  I met Marcia on a facebook page for Mayo clinic HCM patients a few days after Jaden had surgery. I was obviously drawn to her because Jack and Jaden are the same age, going through the exact same surgery at Mayo, with the exact same surgeon.  I know how she feels, the fears she has, the emotions she is going through because I was her just a few weeks ago. It is nice to be on the other side and be a support for someone else. Jack is nervous for his surgery so Jaden has been able to text with him and share how things went for him. I think he has found a life long friend! Sometimes when things get tough we tend to only look at our needs and this time God is showing me that we need to look outside ourselves and poor into others. It is amazing how God works things out for us and shows himself in even the little details. We are bringing Jaden up to Mayo on Monday for his 2 week check and have found out that is Jack's surgery day!!  We are excited that we will hopefully get to meet them and spend a little time with them :) Jaden and I spent tonight putting together some care packages for Marcia and Jack because we know how grateful we were to be on the receiving end and want to give back in return. Please pray for Jack and Marcia and the rest of the family on Monday as they enter the unknown of open heart surgery.  Please pray that they feel God's peace and comfort as real as Jerad and I did that week.  Please pray that we can be a blessing to Marcia and Jack as so many of you have been for us!!  God is GOOD!!


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  • Cindy Norman : PRAISE God from whom all blessings flow! May God continue to use you and Jaden! God is truly a good , good father!
  • Dan and Helena Hayes : We are all so pleased to hear your wonderfully good news! What an incredible two weeks it has been! Praising God for his provision and the love of his people!
  • Lesa O : Well done Jaden, Treyton, and Kodie! It is amazing how God places us at the right place at the right time as well. The similarities are uncanny and you have a servants heart to go forth and help and assist Marcia and Jack in loving ways. This also teaches Jaden so many life's lessons as well of giving and caring and placing others before yourself. I continue to pray for Jaden and will just double the J's for Jaden and Jack and add then and Marcia to the list as well. Thank you for your updates, they are wonderful and it helps us know just how to pray! Blessings!