Journal entry by Tiffany-Jerad Norman

Jaden has had a pretty good day for the most part.  They have a good pain medicine routine going and we have seen some smiles which has been the best part of the day.  He has taken a shower which felt amazing to him and went for several walks. They are talking about home tomorrow but Jaden is not looking forward to the car ride so we are not 100% sure of the plan yet.  We may drive part of the way and stop if needed for another night to make sure things are going fine.  Below are the AMAZING people that have taken part in helping Jaden have the best quality of life possible despite having a heart that works a little different than most.  The first picture is Dr. Michael Ackerman (Jaden's cardiologist) that recommended Jaden have the Septal Myectomy along with the ICD placement in order for Jaden to live life to the fullest.  He came and visited Jaden in the hospital everyday despite not being the cardiologist on call.  On Tuesday he came twice and yesterday he brought him some chocolate milk and signed his pillow.  The message he placed is pictured below in the next picture. It says "Keep up the great work and He will do the rest" Of course it brought this mama to tears!! It is amazing how God can show up in people through caregivers.  He is truly a brilliant doctor but an even more genuine, caring person.  Every time he left Jaden he stood there with his hand on his head for awhile and always gave words of encouragement. I know I have said this over and over but there is no other place I would be for care than here.  The doctors and staff are not here for a paycheck but to make a difference in people's lives, and that is exactly what they do.  The last 2 pictures are of Jaden and Dr. Dearani his cardiovascular surgeon that did his surgery and the rest of his team.  Since diagnosis to now, I have studied this disease and knew that this was the facility and surgeon that I wanted if Jaden ever needed surgical intervention. We are praising God that he was here and under the care of these knowledgeable doctors. They have dedicated their lives to understanding this disease and how to improve the quality of so many and we will forever be grateful.  Tonight I am thankful for a group of wonderful people that have mended my son's heart!! 

We ask for continued prayers for controlled pain and safe travel tomorrow.  Jaden (ok and me too) are also a little nervous about the ride home tomorrow so please pray for continued peace.  Jaden continues to have an elevated heart rate but they are not concerned and think that getting home will help.  There is no place like home!!



PS......Jaden is eating peanut m & m's tonight for supper and we don't care.  We also know who he is related to 😉
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