Journal entry by Tiffany-Jerad Norman

Jaden had a pretty good night last night with controlled pain and some pretty good sleep.  Unfortunately the nausea and vomiting started again early this morning and he is still dealing with some pain in his stomach that won't seem to go away.  They finally took the second chest tube out early this afternoon so we are thankful for that.  The doctors are still glad with the things are going and they don't seem to have any concerns with his heart.  Our next thing to get past is making sure that he does not develop pneumonia.  So far he is doing good and has remained fever free.  Specifics you can pray for are:

1.  That Jaden would eat.  He has absolutely no desire to eat and he needs to in order to gain strength. Everything seems to taste like medicine and he won't even eat cookies 😉 
2.  That his stomach pain would subside.  
3. That the nausea and vomiting would be done
4. That we can see a little smile from him sometime soon.  Jaden is usually a happy easing going kiddo.  It is hard to see him so miserable.

Thank you to so many of you for the calls, texts, and messages.  I apologize if it takes me awhile to respond.  Knowing Jaden has so many people thinking about him and praying for him makes this just a little easier.  I can't wait until he feels good enough to listen to them!!  Hopefully soon 🙏 

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