Journal entry by Tiffany-Jerad Norman

We received the call this week from Mayo Clinic letting us know that Jaden will be having surgery to remove the thickening and to relieve the pressure from his heart and increase the blood flow.  They will also be placing and ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator).  The ICD is a preventative measure to detect if Jaden develops an abnormal heart rhythm and will deliver an electric shock to restore it back to a normal heartbeat.  His pre-op physical will be in Minnesota on Friday July 13 and his surgery is scheduled for Monday July 16.  It will be an open heart surgery that will take 3-6 hours.  We are thankful that they are getting him in soon because Dr. Ackerman said it will be about a 2 month recovery.  He should have a good month to heal before heading back to school.  There are a lot of other things that Jaden would rather do with his summer but they say that his quality of life should improve quite a bit once he is fully recovered. As I look at the picture that I placed of him on this page in his baseball uniform, I am reminded of how good God is.  Jaden has always been told that he could never play sports and now he is able to play baseball.  In the big picture we know that sports are only a small part of life but to a 14 year old it is important. This is something he can add to his answered prayer list.  We are grateful for God's constant presence and comfort through this situation. Please pray for us as we continue to process what things will look like and pray for Jaden as he is pretty nervous about everything.  Thank you to so many of you that have walked with us through this journey and continue to support us!!
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