Thoughts & Well Wishes

laurie lARSEN | Jun 29, 2018
oh Tiff and family- im am praying for all of you. this is the hardest thingthat you guys have ever had to walk through ,but just know that your not walking through this alone!! im sending you lots and lots of hugs as well. I made a sign that I put on my wall that says Gods got this ! and when this seems like to much to handle just say Gods got this . hang in there Tiff and family. love you guys!!
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Joyce Mac kenzie | Jun 30, 2018
Hi Jaden! It was so nice to talk to you at Lynnville Days! I am so happy for you that there are Doctors who can fix your heart so you can live your life like you want. I will pray for you for a very successful surgery and that God will direct your surgeon hands. I truly believe God will keep you safe and bring you through all this and be healthier than you have ever been! It is a pleasure to have you ride my bus, if all kids were like you my job would be much easier! Keep your eyes and heart looking at our wonderful Lord Jesus  Christ and you will do great! Love you Jaden you are a wonderful person!
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Lesa O'Dell | Jul 16, 2018
Mr. Jaden, I pray that you are not in pain and are doing well. I have the privilege to be able to pray for you and I am doing that daily. My prayers are that the surgery went well and you are not having a lot of pain. I also am praying that you are able get the rest that you need. I know that there are many people who are thinking of you and also want to wish you well! You try to get stronger each day. Trust in the Lord for what He has planned for you and I can't wait to hear your story to see all that He has accomplished in your life when school begins again. You are such blessing and such a great young man! Take care and may God Bless you! 
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