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December 23, 2020

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December 14, 2020

It is with deep sadness that we must announce the passing of Jacquie Schlitter this evening. She fought to the very end and was surrounded by her 3 children, Luke, Lexi, Lilly, her husband John, Mother Denise and sister Justine. She is no longer in pain and now free. We all love her dearly and will let everyone know once plans have been made. In the meantime, we request no flowers and please limit calls and visits to the house in order to let the family mourn.


November 30, 2020

Hello all. 

Susan here asking to please limit communication with John Schlitter & Jacquie Schlitter for now. They know they are loved & messages can be overwhelming. 

Know that each of you mean the world to them! They need family time. 

Much Love & Respect to all.


November 06, 2020

Very happy to report that this week has been very enjoyable. I have been able to sleep several hours each night and maintain a comfort level throughout the day. This has allowed me to be present and participatory in everything around the house, attend 2 awesome volleyball tournaments and feel human which has been wonderful. 

The Korlym was approved yesterday so hoping to receive that on Saturday and begin right away. This should control my blood pressure, potassium and swelling and we will be on our way. 

Planning is underway for an immediate family Thanksgiving feast like no other which will include every food dish option we have ever had for a Thanksgiving/Christmas meal in our lifetime. Each of us have different memories of what those foods were and we have 3 different cultures we have been blending for all those years (British, American and Lebanese) so this is going to be a very long menu and a very full table. It is so exciting and will take some careful and calculated planning to be able to enjoy a little of everything served 😊

More exciting volleyball tournament action to look forward to tomorrow watching lilly and her team compete in the semi finals for the state championship. Life is good here. Hope you all have a great weekend! 



October 31, 2020

Thank you so much for your continued support. It means so much to me. Even when I am not communicating/updating, either because I physically can’t or because I have nothing good to say and don’t want to talk about it, I hear you or read your messages or John reads them to me. Thank you! ❤️

Last night we walked over to the beach to watch the sunset. My muscles have atrophied so significantly over the last few months that walking/weight bearing has become increasingly difficult. With the pain under control that is about to change 😊 Something about walking on the sand barefoot and feeling all the little muscle fibers engage from feet up is so invigorating. It makes my whole body smile. To be able to share those moments watching the sun go down on the water with John and the kids and loved ones are gifts beyond measure right now. 

I enrolled in Hospice 3 days ago. I have a fantastic team. I started a low dose pain control regimen that has already been a game changer 😊 I slept for 3 hrs tonight from 9-12 and it was glorious. My pain level is manageable for the first time in as long as I can remember.

Today, my whole family is coming over and we will all be going to watch Lilly and her St. Pete High School volleyball team play in the Regional Semi Finals. This is a huge accomplishment for the team and I could not be more excited to have this opportunity to witness it. The St. Pete High team has never reached this level before in their history and have worked so hard during this crazy Covid season to overcome the never ending road blocks.  More than half of the girls for more than half of the season were unable to play because of quarantine, due to exposure or active infection. An additional shoulder injury took Lilly out for 2 more weeks so she just returned to playing after 4 weeks off. She is so excited. This particular team of outstanding and talented girls and their families that Lilly is a part of are like true family and are an absolute joy to watch. They play hard and support each other every minute of every game. I cannot wait to see them do what they love to do this afternoon. 

Did I mention that LIFE IS SO GOOD. 



October 22, 2020

Quick update. Brain radiation completed on Monday. I will not be doing the radioembolization on the liver. We have the answers we were looking for for over a month. I have malignant Cushing’s Syndrome. At Moffitt and testing is underway to determine best treatment to control blood pressure, cortisol and potassium. 
Thank you for caring. 


October 14, 2020

Posting a little more detail from Facebook for those of you not on Facebook. 

Every day I realize something new about myself and this situation I am in. Yesterday’s clear revelation was that all of you putting me on a pedestal of any kind for being inspirational and positive and yada yada yada are wrong about me being any different than any of you on any given day. We are all just trying to do our best. When you feel strong and supported choices seem more clear. When you feel alone, and vulnerable, choices are harder to be sure about. 

Yesterday for much of the time I felt scared and the choices I made reflected that. 

Heather Ledet Mixson is my oncology ARNP. She has been my friend since our kids were in preschool together. Many of you already know she has been my lifeline since being diagnosed and has been directly involved every single day with every choice I’ve made. She has not made any of these choices for me but has been there to support me like nobody else could have been with her level of knowledge coupled with her compassion for me. I can’t imagine how hard that has been for her. 
Yesterday my choices took her to a new limit and she didn’t blink an eye. Actually I’m sure she did a lot of blinking and other gestures that I couldnt see throughout the day but at no time was that transferred to me through the phone which was my lifeline to her. 
When I finally got home from the hospital after 8pm, after arriving in the ER at 3:30am I looked back at the 78 texts I had written her during the day.  I am not referring to 78 one or two word/question texts. A majority of these were paragraph form with some crazy extreme emotion, toddler tantrum reactions and lots of foul words scattered throughout. I can’t say for sure because it would take too long to go back and read them all but I don’t think ANY of them could be construed as positive or inspirational. Heather righteously belongs on a pedestal of her own for being an extraordinary friend, healthcare provider and all around freaking saint. She answered EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 78 texts all while working a full day at the oncology office. I just can’t imagine how hard that was for her to manage but she deserves a Medal of Honor. Thank you doesn’t even begin to relay my gratitude Heather ❤️

There are so many others of you who I appreciate calmly sitting on the sidelines ready to jump in when I ask for help like Joni Krause Melville who instantly got in her car and drove to the hospital last night as I was threatening to sign out against medical advice. Those requests for something specific are not frequent and may come out of nowhere because you happen to be the person I need at that given time but they are so appreciated. Thank you!

When I thought of posting today I was going to be a rebel and change things up and prove my point that I am not always positive and that I could very easily and instantly list a 100 things a day that are unfair about what has been taken from my family and I since March. But why do that? It accomplishes nothing and forces me to focus on things I cannot control instead of things I can. But just know I think about it......and I could. And then we would all cry big fat tears about things we already know but once said out loud become so much bigger. 

The last thought for the day is this. It doesn’t sound particularly positive because it’s not. But it is reality and i think it helps to realize that we think we have limits until we break through them and that we are all much stronger than we know. Each day since my diagnosis there has been at least one more challenge presented. Each day the biggest of the challenges seems so huge and takes up all my energy and focus. Just when I feel I am overwhelmed and cannot take anymore, another challenge comes along that is bigger then the previous one and suddenly the previous one is manageable and my focus adapts to the bigger problem. This is life. We are in a constant state of adaptation to our environment and our limits are endless. 

Yesterday I went in to the hospital thinking that relief of pain was my absolute priority because it was when I got there. Lots of important things happened during the day and lots of choices were made but none of them included pain relief. It should have remained my primary focus except suddenly a new challenge presented itself. The biggest threat was being forced to stay in the hospital another night because of a critical lab result which had nothing to do with my pain or relief from it. This challenge became so much more urgent than my pain that I was able to move beyond the pain and focus on the task of getting home to my family. I think the message I am trying to convey is this, no problem is the ‘end all’. It often seems like it just couldn’t get any worse but it is all just relative to experiences you have had before and ones that will present themselves in the future. You can get beyond everything that gets thrown at you and you become stronger every time you do. 

I am not sure how many more of these posts I will or can do. I have stubbornly resisted narcotic pain control the last 7 months which has left me in pain but also allowed me to feel ‘normal’ in my head for the most part. I hate drugs that affect the way I think or feel but I have entered a phase in this journey where they are necessary. If I stop posting don’t worry about me. I will be in la la land somewhere.


October 14, 2020

Mapping was completed for the brain radiation today. I was told the tumor will affect my sight quickly if I don’t do it so there is not really a choice. Radiation will be a one time procedure on Monday. I can expect to be more tired than usual and to have a bald stripe on my head afterwards. My hair is kind of unruly back there right now so this will add a little extra excitement. 

I have agreed to the radioembolization on the very large liver tumor. It is growing so much faster than all the others 7cm x 7cm X 7cm and causing a lot of pain. This will be done on Thursday. Next week will be a tough one but hoping that these procedures will ultimately allow me some more quality weeks of life and let me spend some more time with my loved ones. 

Thanks for caring!