Honor Jacob

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Gifted by Burgess Machinery, LLC

“In honor of Jacob McConahay.”

Gifted by Graeme Busby

“In honor of Jacob McConahay. My 7 year old son went to the ER today and got his first stitches. When he got the pillow pet he said I'll pray for Jacob”


“In honor of Jacob McConahay”

Gifted by Katherine Willing

“We have a wonderful memory of Jake and his family's journey of strength and love”

Gifted by Melinda Anderson

“In memory of Jacob and on behalf of my niece Jen B. You touched so many, and Jen loved you as her own. Thank you for teaching us all about faith.”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Jacob McConahay”
G. Theriot

Gifted by G. Theriot

“In honor of Jacob McConahay”

Gifted by The Rodgers

“In honor of Jacob McConahay”

Gifted by Funkhouser Family

“In honor of Jacob McConahay. Your smile Brightened my day! Brittany Funkhouser”

Gifted by Aunt Karla and Uncle David and Family

“In honor of Jacob McConahay”