Thoughts & Well Wishes

Valerie Wood | Mar 14, 2019
Nancy and Mike,
Truly Jackson is free now to breathe on his own without pain or stress.  You exemplified the best in parenting, staying by his side, offering every comfort, and limitless love.  Take care of yourselves as Jackson would want.  We are thinking of you, Val
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Franklin Wood | Feb 6, 2019

I am overwhelmed by the scope of Jackson’s tragic situation. It is mind-numbing and you and Mike are truly heroic in your efforts to find treatment. My heart goes out to Jackson and the two of you. The helpless feeling when your child suffers can suck away energy like nothing else.

His and your ordeal makes me irate about our healthcare industry – how the (insurance-crafted) rules seem to prioritize everything except the patient. I have to wonder, how did the system of caring for human beings become so dehumanizing?

I’m keeping Jackson in mind as I go about my routine, with a changed perspective. And sending prayers and positive energy your way.

Love to you all,


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Barbara Fluck | Jan 30, 2019
Hi Jackson,
I was very sadden to hear you were in the hospital and very sick. I was just thinking about the time we went to Washington DC on that bus trip. What a good time we all had. I will be praying for you for a full recovery.  Just know you are in my thoughts. 
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