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Fresh Energy's longtime Science Policy Director J. Drake Hamilton sustained a serious head injury in a fall on the ice February 4.  We all know and love J. for her data-driven, science-based approach to moving Minnesota to a clean energy economy that offers prosperity and opportunity for all and a healthy future for our children. She has done much to elevate Minnesota’s leadership on climate and energy with audiences in the Midwest region, and across the country, and around the world.

Fresh Energy is using this platform to keep colleagues and friends updated on J.'s progress. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Please note that any contributions made on this site do not support J. personally or Fresh Energy; they are contributions to the CaringBridge organization. Thank you for visiting.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Patrick Hamilton

To all those who know and love J:

J. was awake when I arrived this morning.  Her eyes were open, they were focused and looking at people and around the room.  The neuro critical care doctor said that J. was purposeful and alert and he noticed that her eyes followed my movements, although she does not yet respond to verbal requests to wiggle her toes or move her thumbs.   The EEG monitoring was discontinued because it revealed no evidence of brain seizures.

The respiration specialists conducted a couple of tests to see if J. can breathe without the active assistance of the ventilator.  They were pleased to see J. breathe comfortably on her own for a total of nearly two hours over the course of the day.

An ultrasound performed on J.’s swollen left arm last night revealed several subcutaneous blood clots.  The decision by the medical team was not to treat them because they do not present a threat to larger veins deeper in the tissue and likely will go away on their own in time.

J. will undergo a tracheostomy and a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tomorrow afternoon so that the intubation tube can be removed and then allow the assessment to begin of the ability of J. to breath and swallow properly on her own.  She will stay in Region Hospital’s SICU unit through the weekend.

J.’s blood pressure continues to edge above where the doctors want to see it, although it appeared to be less of an issue today compared to yesterday.  If her blood pressure continues to stabilize, then it is likely that J. will be transferred to Bethesda Hospital – a long-term acute care facility – early next week.

All of your positive messages have meant a lot to me and will mean a lot to J.


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