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Aug 02-08

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ONE YEAR, BABY! Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of Isaiah walking out of the hospital! It was a day of joy and reminiscing and thankfulness. We ate as a family celebrating our Superman. We prayed together. We toasted to Isaiah with flavored sparkling water. Then we played games and laughed until he had to go to bed. It was amazing. I am so thankful for the life we were given.

This week was our first week back in physical therapy in quite some time. His therapist said that she can see so much continual improvement even with the break in therapy that we can assess whether we want to just keep living life how we are and let that be his "therapy". That is a great conversation to get to have. 

For reference, here are some one year ago vs. now comparisons:
Aug 2019: walking about 10 feet with full reliance on a walker and a wheel chair the rest of the time
Aug 2020: walked about 4 miles a day on our trip without using a wheel chair at all. Also did P90X3 modified version for the full 30 minutes.

Aug 2019: struggled to feed himself both with hand coordination and chewing ability
Aug 2020: hold his fork oddly but has no issues eating ALL DAY LONG 

Aug 2019: weighed 58 lbs
Aug 2020: weighs 69 lbs

Aug 2019: needs at least one nap a day and 13-14 hours of sleep a night
Aug 2020: sleeps 8:30pm-7:30am every day. No naps needed except in rare instances.

It has been a pretty amazing year for that kid. We pray for continued healing of his brain and muscles, for continued strength, and for seizures to end forever. But today I can honestly say that I am so happy and thankful for our life that if God never changes anything, we are going to be ok. What a miracle to be able to say that.

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