Honor Isaac

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Jeannette Goodman

Gifted by Jeannette Goodman

“God bless all of you. Take care of yourself, Molly. As a caregiver I know how hard it can be, but it pays off. #22STRONG. Never give up.”

Gifted by Monica and Keith Pletcher

“In honor of Isaac Kolstad- Molly and family. You are all an inspiration to us!”

Gifted by A Maverick Fan

“I have followed your journey since May, and I am so impressed with you and Molly and family. You are so amazing. A Blessed Thanksgiving to you.”

Gifted by Christy (Rigdon) and Dave Rietz and kids

“While we do not know Isaac personally, my brother (Russ Rigdon) and his family respect and care very much for the Kolstad's. We wish for Isaac's recovery to continue to progress, and we are praying for the entire Kolstad family.”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by anonymous

“This made me realize how important it is to give when you are able to... My thoughts and Prayers to the Kolstad family! I will definitely be donating here in NC.”

Gifted by anonymous

“Praying for your recovery.”

Gifted by The Danielson Family

Gifted by Mike Robinson

“Positive thoughts going to Isaac and family in this tough time from a fellow Maverick. Stay strong and know that the entire Maverick community is here for you.”

Gifted by Emily Kidd