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I am recently diagnosed with a cancer in my throat. This blog will keep people informed of how things are going.

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Journal entry by Mike DeSena

thank you for your well wishes and rejoicing!

It is great news. it's not "official" because the radiologist hasn't given his/her report yet. My doctor read the scan...he doesn't expect anything different from the radiologist, but that's how it works.

Other aspects...

My thyroid has been damaged (quite common with radiation in the neck) and he is suggesting I go on a synthetic hormone to compensate. He said there are no side effects...just a pill a day. I'm reluctant to take medicine...but I guess I will have to. <br/>

My voice is still messed up. He was surprised it was so raspy. It may continue to improve...but I still cannot sing. It's quite sad for me. I can take vocal lessons now, tho.

There is a constriction in my throat...it may be the continued swelling around it, which will continue to heal over time. But it may be the throat itself is damaged. He said the ENT surgeon can go in and enlarge it...we will meet with him soon to discuss it. That also may help my voice. <br/>

He said the dryness in my mouth may improve over the next few months...that has been difficult. It makes talking and eating harder. I drink a full 8 oz of water with every meal because I have to take a sip with almost every bite.

so, overall, great news.
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