Thoughts & Well Wishes

Karen McCoy | Sep 29, 2020

Dennis,  I am praying for you and know the rest of your Highland Village family is as well.  I pray that you can feel all the love surounding you right now.  Just rest and continue to get stronger - If anyone can beat this thing, it is YOU! Miss your smiling face around here. Karen

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Archer Thomas | Sep 30, 2020

Dennis my man, I just saw you bro! Us talking about retirement, family and getting old. This is killing me man. You need to get better so we can get in that tree stand. 

Man I’m praying hard for your recovery and for the strength of your family. 

Love you man! Always have.


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Kathy Burmeister | Sep 30, 2020
You, my good sir, are the definition of how community policing should be, you have checked in on us when times were tough, kept an eye out for all of our children, watched them grow up, and still continually ask about them even though they are now 'adult' children, you've prowled our streets at all hours while we were all tucked up inside our cozy homes with the garage doors wide open! Always ready with a smile or a story about your boys. Although you call McKinney your home, Highland Village has your heart. So, enough with scaring us all, get well soon and I'll have Jim put a rack of ribs on the smoker for you! Blessings and prayers for your speedy recovery.
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Ginny Tirey | Oct 1, 2020
Hi Dennis-I just wanted you to know that The Shops at Highland Village team is thinking about you!  We are praying for a swift recovery.  We appreciate you and the Highland Village Police Dept. so much and extend our thoughts and prayers to your entire family.
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