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Journal entry by Hunter Ferguson

Today was more of the same treatment wise , but I did have a wonderful experience that I’d like to share.

This morning on the way to treatment my mom and I were discussing a passage I had read in Genesis. It was regarding the life of Abraham which lead of course to us singing:

“Father Abraham had many sons
and many sons had father Abraham
and I am one of them and so are you
so let’s all praise the Lord.”

After our mini jam session I was trying (and failing) to remember my favorite song from my time at AWANAS. I could remember the motions (chicken wings, cowboy walk, quick draw, hat tip) but not the words.

I racked my brain for 30 minutes unable to find the words so I just let it go.

Then, hours later after not having thought about it - the song came into my head.

“ I may never march in the infantry 
ride in the Calvary, shoot the artillery 
I may never fly over the enemy 
but I’m in the Lords army
Yes sir.”

Anyway, right after that I looked at mom and told her I remembered and sang her the song. Then, out of nowhere, all the other people in the room started singing to.

After we sang - a women came to me from across the room and thanked me. She said she hadn’t heard that song in years (since church camp) and she said it just took her back.

Then she taught me the “Spanish version” -

“I may never take trip to Mexico
ride on a donkey-o, eat a cheesy tac-eo
I may never where a big sambr-eo 
but I’m in the the Lords army
Sì senor”

This situation blew my mind. I hadn’t thought about that song all day and then suddenly when someone in ear shot needed to hear the song - it came to me.

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