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Ten years ago

Ten years ago, we were getting ready to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Ten years ago, Luke was graduating from high school and heading off to college.

Ten years ago, we adopted a "special"  9 month old puppy named Chunk.

Ten years ago on this date, March 20, 2011, Howard was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.

Ten years ago, after the diagnosis, I couldn't think beyond 10 minutes, 10 hours let alone 10 days.

Ten years ago I thought our story was ending...

The story didn't end and  here we are today, ten years later and still going strong!  Howard has not only continued to defy the odds and statistics of this diabolical cancer, he has helped to increase the statistics from a 5% survival rate to a 10% survival rate. 

While Howard's journey has been filled with twists, turns and even a cliff hanger here and there, he is still here!  To me this is a big deal, to Howie, well, he never had any doubt that he wouldn't kick cancers ass and be here to celebrate 10 years later...

Ten years later, we are getting ready to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.

Ten years later, Luke is engaged!

Ten years later, our "special" boy Chunky is pushing 11 years old and is still very "special".

Ten years later, we know there will more twists, turns and detours and will take them on as they come, one step at time. The way Howard does it!

Ten years later, my cup is no longer "half empty",  it has filled up a bit thanks to Howie💗




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  • Karen Hopper : Congratulations to the entire Buckley family and on your 35th anniversary! I remember when we met in 9/98, when our boys started Kindergarten at Seaside (Mrs. T's class). Wishing all of you continued health, love, and happiness...always!
  • Leo Ambrose : Congratulations on the 35th. Wishing Howard, you and all around him The Best!