Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Good morning family & friends. When having a little bit of quiet time in the morning I have found myself so extremely grateful. I know it’s been said but I feel the need to continue thanking you all. The prayers and messages to us mean more than you will ever know. 

We have met so many different families that have children in the cardiac ICU. Some have said they have a good support system at home, others have not. A lot of these babies and children are here in Boston from other states as well and their stories are so different from ours, yet we relate so much. I just wanted to extend another round of thanks to each of you following our journey. Hudson truly is so loved. 

Just a quick update, as I’m sure we will have more after getting to see little man this morning. 

Hudson had his surgery on Monday, and started the recovery process early Tuesday morning. They gave him all day Tuesday to let his body rest and adjust to the new dynamics of his heart. He had his chest open after surgery to let his body get used to everything. They had warned us about this previously and I knew I wouldn’t want to see that. However, when we first got see our sweet boy they hadn’t covered him up like they said they would.

To our surprise, our eyes were glued to his open chest. We couldn’t look away. Guys, we literally saw our sons heart beating. There aren’t many words that we can use to describe it other than how amazing and complex the human body is. We had begged and prayed our whole pregnancy to allow Hudson’s heart to beat and the Lord truly answered that prayer. Right in front of our eyes, we could see how amazing the craftsmanship of God is. 

Hudson’s medical team told us that they might be able to close his chest on Wednesday but his body might need another day. When we got to see our little man on Wednesday they told us his stats were at a decent place and they would be attempting the chest closure procedure. If when they started, his stats dropped or his body was telling them it wasn’t ready, they would stop and try again in a day. 

After what was supposed to be a two hour procedure starting at noon, we had more waiting to do. Closer to 2:00 they were able to start the chest closure and they did an echo beforehand. Dr. T came out and spoke with us to let us know the echo looked good and that they were then gong to do the actual closing of his chest. Time kept on clicking by and we grew anxious waiting. Finally around 5:30 we were able to go back and see him. Hudson’s stats were all over the place but that is normal for a child after a chest closure. His sweet body had a whole new geometry to it and it needed time to adjust to life with a closed up chest. 

The more we sat with Hudson, the more we saw his stats start to even out. We needed to see his blood pressure go up, but his heart rate go down and as the night went on, we saw a little bit of that. The biggest win for Hudson in this procedure was the fact that he no longer is relying on his pacemaker. His amazing warrior heart is keeping a steady heart rate on its own and that is truly remarkable. They have a pacemaker as a backup but we are taking this as another big hurdle Hudson has jumped. 

After getting some rest we are eager to get back and see how our sweet boy did overnight. It is going to be a long road to recovery but we are taking each baby step as it comes & going one day at a time. Sometimes, we even take it hour by hour. 

Thank you all for following along and for rooting Hudson on. We can’t believe he is already a week old today! Keep the prayers coming! If you could add the number of families with children in the cardiac ICU to your thoughts/prayers we would greatly appreciate it. Be blessed today, friends. 💙
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