Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

One week ago today, Hudson received the best gift ever. He is an absolute rockstar and we are so proud to be his parents. We are still in the ICU, But Hudson turned a corner within the past two days and is slowly getting back to himself. 

He was extubated yesterday and put on the cpap nasal cannula like he was on last time post self-extubation. We are so thankful he didn’t get clever & self-extubate again this time. Hudson waited patiently and it was a success! He is breathing really well and they are thinking of weening the support of the cpap tomorrow, and hopefully going to just low flow oxygen in the next couple of days. Wahoo!

They have continued to ween his sedation meds and he seems to be tolerating it fine. We haven’t seen any major withdrawal symptoms which we are thankful for. We can tell there is still a lot of sedation in him, however, he is getting back to his playful and smiley self. Make sure to check out the many faces of Hudson one week post-transplant. 🥰 

We don’t have any major plans or updates to give other than what we mentioned above. Hudson is recovering nicely, has amazing color now that his new heart is functioning so well, and we can now snuggle him anytime we’d like. 

Thank you for your prayers and for those who have checked in with us. It continues to mean the world! If you could join us in praying for our sweet friends we would greatly appreciate that too. Addy had a cath procedure done today, and Asher is having a cath procedure tomorrow. Please pray for answers, clarity, and rest for these sweet heart babes & their parents. The community of people we have met throughout Hudson’s journey will be forever friends. I know how much we appreciate their prayers, so join us in lifting them up too. 

Thank you and once again, we love you all! 💙
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Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Can we marvel at Gods perfect timing for a moment? 

Monday, October 7th was exactly 16 weeks of being listed for a heart transplant. Also, Hudson was 150 days old on Monday. (150 days spent in the hospital). By the time the transplant took place, it was Tuesday, October 8th. One year ago on October 8th, Kyle and I went to our first appointment and confirmed our pregnancy. How amazing is that?! Oh, it gets better! Hudson was born at 2:42 pm on May 9th and ended up receiving his new heart at 2:42. We received a call that his heart was sewn in and beating all on its own at 2:42 am on Tuesday morning. 

Reflecting on all of this and on God’s impecible timing has been truly amazing. We serve such an awesome God who went before us & planned out Hudson’s little life in more ways than we can count. 

Thinking back to our pregnancy and the countless appointments we had that ended in tears, we cannot help but be amazed. We were told by multiple doctors that Hudson would not survive our pregnancy. It was highly reccommended that we terminate our pregnancy, on more than one occasion. After leaving these appointments & sobbing in the back of the car, I remember saying “they don’t know how big our God is”. And here we are. 💙 We can finally start to think ahead and dream about the day our family can go home. 🏠 

So many of you have reached out to see how Hudson is doing & we appreciate it! He is definitely doing well given everything he has been through. His doctors continue to say how he has exceeded their expectations so far. We are still in the ICU but he is making progress in the right direction. The biggest thing for Hudson has been to get his swelling down, to ween off the sedation meds, and work towards extubation. He is not nearly as swollen as he was after his first open heart surgery, and the swelling continues to decrease with help from some intense diuretics. Weening from the heavy sedation meds has always been tricky for Hudson since he’s seen a lot of the big medications in the past. Currently, he is having a tough time withdrawing.  Being intubated this time around has also been tricky for Hudson because he’s so active. The last time he had a breathing tube for this long was when he was only a month old, and not very active yet. Seeing him kick and wiggle while strapped down is so tough but we know he will be back to his active self before we know it. We really do miss playing with him, seeing his infectious smile, and snuggling him but this is so worth the wait. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Hudson’s recovery and for our family. Our hearts go out to the donor family who must still be grieving the loss of their child. We’ve been able to listen to Hudson’s new heart beat and it is our prayer that someday the donor family can too, if they would so choose. We are still trying to process all of this so we appreciate your grace moving forward. Thank you all and we love you! 💙 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

The many words that come to mind to describe the past 48 hours are so very different from one another. We are amazed, terrified, exhausted, at peace, in shock, thankful, and so much more. I think we are going to need time to process all that has happened, how it all happened, and the fact that it actually happened! We keep looking at each other and asking Hudson’s nurses to confirm that he has a new heart and the day finally came. 

Overall, Hudson is doing really well given all that he has been through. They were able to close his chest this morning and he tolerated that much better than last time after his first open heart surgery. It’s all going to be a balancing act again figuring out the right dose for his meds, the best setting on the vent for him, and so on. Hudson continues to show us that he is a sensitive little thing and will always keep us on our toes. The transplant team and all
of Hudson’s ICU team are being very cautious with him but are so pleased with how everything is going. 

Hudson is still sedated and on a lot of paralytic medications so his body can rest. He is sleeping very peacefully and still has managed to look cute. His hair even looked good post op! They did have to place an IV in his head before the chest closure this morning, but reassured us that they didn’t need to shave his head at all. I joked with the IV guy that if they had shaved his hair, I would be shaving his! You can’t mess with Hudson’s beautiful head of hair. 

We are back in our old room in the ICU, room 31. We were in this room for months before moving to the step down floor last week. A lot happened in this room and it’s been so interesting seeing it come full circle. We found out that Hudson needed to be listed for a heart transplant in this room and here we are post op. It’s just all so amazing to us and we are in awe of Gods perfect timing. Every little detail was aligned and we know full well that it was not by coincidence. 

Our weekly transplant family meeting had a different feel to it today. They couldn’t have asked for a better pre op and post op assessment. They reassured us that he looks good but they will continue to be cautious because of Hudson’s history. The antibodies are something they will test weekly along with their long list of labs/tests post op. His doctors are celebrating right along with us and we are so thankful for them. 

We are slowly catching up on rest and taking time to process everything. It feels so good to be back with our “family” in the ICU. All of Hudson’s fans have stopped by to see him, to check in on us, and to celebrate with us. Our nurse told us yesterday that it was her favorite day of coming to work. She told us that she felt like she was taking care of a celebrity because of the joy & energy in everyone who visited Hudson.

 Our hearts are so very full, and we are shouting praise. There is finally a light at the end of this dark & windy tunnel. God is good. We will update again soon I’m sure, but in the meantime please know how appreciative we are of all of you. Please keep the prayers coming for Hudson’s healing, his new heart, the donor family as they grieve, and for rest. 💙🙏🏼♥️

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Hudson is out of surgery and back in the ICU recovering. Our fierce warrior did well during each stage of the transplant. Everyone in the ICU and on the transplant team said that the surgery itself couldn’t have gone any better. Once we have had some rest and time to process all of this, we can do a more detailed journal entry. For now, please know that we felt your love, prayers, and hugs all the way in Boston. Both of our parents were able to be here with us to give some hugs in person and we are so glad they were here. Thank you all. God is good. 💙 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Today marks 16 weeks on the transplant list and we received some life changing news at 1 pm today. It’s happening, y’all. Hudson is getting a new heart tonight. We don’t have many details yet but we have spent the day getting extra snuggles in, praying for the family that is blessing us with this gift, and praising the Lord for this miracle. Please join us in praying for Hudson’s strength during the long surgery, for the surgeon to have steady hands, for the grieving family on the other end of this, and for our peace. Hudson will most likely be in the OR overnight & back up into the ICU tomorrow early morning. We will update when we know more but we covet your prayers. 

Hudson’s Crew, we sure love you. 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Hudson had a big morning! He was a little hangry and grumpy when we got to the hospital but started smiling shortly after seeing us. He went back with the surgeon & anesthesiologists with great big grins, even though his mama was a mess. There’s something super unsettling about handing your child over to doctors you've never met knowing the risks of a procedure like this. However, we kept telling little man to be brave and strong so we figured we should do the same.

The surgery itself was just under 2 hours from start to finish and they said Hudson was a champ. He handled the anesthesia and breathing tube well, & they were able to extubate in the OR before bringing him back to his room. His voice is a little hoarse but he’s getting louder as the day goes on. We were so thankful to see his sweet face without the feeding tube or breathing tube! He was put on a nasal cannula just for a little oxygen and support. Hopefully soon we can see his face completely free of all tape, and tubes!  

As the morning/afternoon went on, the pain meds began wearing off and our little warrior was very uncomfortable. They have given him some additional doses of pain management medications and he is now napping comfortably. 

It really is amazing to see the difference this GJ tube is already making for Hudson. He wasn’t gagging when he was upset, and he was able to suck on his pacifier like a champ! It makes his mommy queasy but it’s getting easier by the minute. This little boy has taught us so much in his short four months of life, and bravery is one of the biggest lessons. Hudson has changed that saying “Be brave, little one” to “Be brave, mom and dad.” Thank you all for praying today and always. We serve a mighty God & we are forever grateful for his provision. 💙🙏🏼

Hudson was featured on a CHD instagram page today, of all days, which is pretty neat! The post is attached for y’all to see if you aren’t on IG 💙 Much love! 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Hudson has had a wonderful few days. He continues to battle fevers from his infected pic line, but other than that Hudson has made some great progress. 

To name a few blessings:

*We ate lunch on Sunday just the three of us! Yes, you read that correctly! We were alone, without a staff member! Don’t worry, Hudson only had breast milk but we loved every minute of our freedom, taking little man downstairs on our own for the first time. They trusted us to leave the floor for just a short time and Hudson did great!
*Hudson is gaining weight like a champ! He has officially hit the 4th percentile for his age, we’re on the board! 🙌🏼 This is HUGE for cardiac babies and we have been reminded so many times this week that they are so glad to see Hudson gaining / getting stronger each day. This will help him immensely in the long run for his transplant & recovery. He is almost 6 kg, just over 13 pounds. 
*Hudson giggled for the first time on Monday! He has been so close for awhile now and it finally happened. Seeing him hit a milestone as precious as this was truly incredible. We will forever cherish the video of him giggling for the first time. 
*We have been warned that a possible move to the step down unit is in our future. As much as we don’t want to leave the CICU, we know it will be a great thing for Hudson. This move means he is progressing, thriving, and ready to blossom as a four month old. We will desperately miss our team of nurses & doctors, and the comfort of what we’ve know for the past four months but this change is a positive one. Hudson’s transplant team won’t change so we will still have those familiar faces over on 8 east. They can’t get rid of us for too long! We will be back once Hudson has received his gift of a new heart, so that’s helping us feel a little better. Hudson is ready, now his mommy & daddy need to jump on board. (A few staff members also need to let go and are having a hard time seeing us go!) 
*Hudson will be getting a new feeding tube put in tomorrow morning. This new tube will be placed in the OR so if you could pray for our nerves that have surfaced we would greatly appreciate it. Hudson will need to be reintubated with a breathing tube for the procedure, and he will need major sedation meds. The feeding tube itself doesn’t seem as nerve wracking as the breathing tube does because of how far Hudson has come to ween his respiratory support. (Hudson has been completely off of oxygen for two days now and handled it like a champ!) Please pray for us in preparation of this surgery and we will post updates tomorrow. Once Hudson recovers and we see how he is tolerating the GJ tube, they will consider our big move to the step down unit. We cannot wait to see our little boy’s face completely free of tubes for the first time since he was born. What a glorious day it will be to see his chubby cheeks in full! 
*Lastly, we weren’t sure we would share this with too many people but we feel it is important to be real with you all. Last Wednesday, time froze for a few moments. We were greeted by the transplant team around 8 am because they had a virtual match of a heart for Hudson. Because of the pesky antibodies Hudson has developed, they drew some labs to do the cross match on the potential donor heart. We went on with our day as “normally” as we could. By 2 pm they were back in our room and told us the heart was not a match for Hudson. You might notice that this was listed under “blessings” from this past week. As sad as we were when they told us it wasn’t a match, this experience was a blessing to us. We haven’t had many days where we have felt hopeful lately, so the fact that they got a call in the first place seems like progress to us. Hudson has been listed for three months now, and to get an offer seemed promising. If they can continue attacking the antibodies and seeing a downward trend in those, our chances of finding a good match for Hudson will increase. The latest antibody results from last week showed that the strongest class of antibodies went down from 66% to 61%. We will take it! This virtual match was a little glimmer of hope for us, one that came at just the right time. We immediately thought about the family that lost a child, and the child who could benefit from this heart even though Hudson couldn’t. This just wasn’t the perfect one for our sweet boy but we gotta believe that it is out there. 

Thank you all for believing on our behalf when we are weary. Thank you for standing in the gap for us and continuing to lift Hudson up in your prayers. Thank you for checking in on us. This walk is lonely, sad, terrifying, exhausting, and so many other emotions. We desperately need some hope and the promise of new mercies each & every day. Seeing Hudson giggle, and hit other remarkable milestones is evidence of the Lord’s hands in all of this. Thanks for reading and all of your continued support. Sending love from Boston 💙 Some of our most recent photos of Hudson, oxygen free! We had some quality family time up on the rooftop this afternoon, just the three of us. Soon, we will have pictures to share of Hudson’s face completely free. 🙌🏼

“In every season, You are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship.” 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Y’all, this week was hard. We had so many highs and lows that our bodies ache from all the emotions. Seeing your child stuck in a hospital is devastating, and the constant feeling of helplessness is crippling. I’ve been reading the book its not supposed to be this way and of course the chapter I read the other day was right on point. It explained going through a traumatic event is like standing on a wobbly tightrope. It’s like you are in the middle of this rope, trying to balance but falling short. You beg God to just build a bridge to the other side of the tightrope but for right now all you can do is “sit in your suffering”. 

Just to update you all on our week.....

We were so blessed to be able to take Hudson on a walk around our floor unassisted this past Thursday. They let us stroll the halls without a nurse, respiratory therapist, or any help. We were a family of three, outside the walls of Hudson’s room, for the first time ever. This was by far our favorite memory yet. We were trusted with all of Hudson’s supplies; portable monitor which we now know how to work, his oxygen tank, rolling cart of meds, and our most precious cargo. Hudson’s fan club of nurses and staff were so thrilled to see him out and about with his mommy & daddy. We didn’t get very far on our walk with the number of pit stops we made to say hello to everyone. We will never take a simple walk for granted. This changed us; the dynamic of our little family of three and our understanding of how precious Hudson’s life truly is. 

One day we are on our first unassisted walk making the best memories ever, and the next we walk into Hudson’s room to 4 staff members around his bed in sterile gowns. Friends, he is just so fragile. This sweet four month old boy has gone through the ringer and has yet to see the other side of things. 

Hudson came down with another extremely high fever on Friday morning and spent the weekend trying to recover from it. His fever reached 104 and it took awhile to come down. They put him on some really strong antibiotics right away and sent a bunch of tests out to see if they could discover the source of the infection. Last time he had a fever, it wasn’t as high & the results didn’t show anything. This time around, the cultures came back positive showing an infection in his pic line. He has had his pic line, which is a central line for meds & blood draws that goes right to his heart, for over 100 days. It was starting to migrate and show signs that it had been there a long time but we didn’t expect this infection to show up. It was literally like night and day compared to our adventures the day before. After the fever went down, then jumped back up Saturday night, Hudson spent Sunday resting and fever free. He continues to rest and regain his strength back today. Hudson’s team of doctors are going to meet up and decide on the best course of action moving forward. He potentially could be getting a new pic line which he would be sedated for, and comes with the risk of being reintubated during the procedure. 

We are sorry if we can’t seem to vocalize what we need or if we are falling short as friends/family not checking in like we normally do. We are forever changed from our experiences with Hudson in the ICU. As we work through the trauma that each day brings, and as we navigate the lonlieless & emptiness we feel not being home with our boy, we so appreciate your grace. Each night as we lay our heads in bed, we thank God for another day with our son, but we also beg Him to reveal His plan for our family.

Please join us in praying for Hudson’s infection to go away so his status on the transplant list isn’t paused. Please join us in praying for the Lord’s plans to be revealed to us. Finally, please join us in prayer for the antibodies to continue going down so the perfect heart can be available for Hudson. This is all just really wearing on us and we could use our crew. 💙 Sending some Boston love your way. 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

As of today, we have been blessed with four months of loving on our sweet boy. I know we’ve mentioned this before but these past few months all blend together in a weird time warp that is hard to explain. It wasn’t until recently that we had it in us to really look back at pictures of Hudson from early on. To say he has come a long way is an understatement. Someday, we will have the courage to share those photos with you all, but we know that seeing Hudson happy & doing well is easier for now. A lot has happened since our last post, and we apologize for not updating sooner. 

To highlight a few things:
*Hudson is now four months, smiling like crazy, just over 12 pounds, and still about 60 cm long. 
*We recently received more results from bloodwork  taken to check Hudson’s antibody levels. Praise the Lord, they are still showing a downward trend! The levels went from 98% down to 87%, which is still extremely high but at least headed in the right direction. Hudson is still receiving some medications for the antibodies and they will continue to check the levels every couple of weeks. If a heart were the come available, they would do the cross match but we really need to see the antibodies continue to diminish for it to be a good match of a heart. In the meantime, we wait. What a terribly hard thing to do. 
*Hudson is off another major heart medication as of a week ago, and is tolerating it! His heart rate has been stable and we didn’t notice any major withdrawal symptoms like we have in the past. 
*They are still trying to ween his respiratory support. About a week ago, Hudson came down with a fever and it really affected him. They paused the respiratory weens to allow him time to recover with the best support possible. Once he got rid of the fever with the help of antibiotics, his team went back to weening his support. Hudson has successfully been out of his room with just an oxygen tank, not hooked up to the ventilator at all! He is still getting used to it but his stats & rates all stayed relatively stable showing us that he is tolerating the weens of his breathing support! We would love to see him get to the point where he only needs support at night for his breathing, but we are a ways away from that yet. Little steps are big steps in our book! 
*Overall, Hudson is looking great on the outside, even though he is so sick on the inside. Once he got over the fever & returned to his normal flirty self, we have seen him reach some pretty amazing milestones. Hudson is still working on tummy time, head control, and building up his strength. He is handing out smiles left and right now which absolutely melts our hearts. We really think he is close to giggling, & does this adorable mouth wide open smile. He continues to steal the hearts of the ladies on our floor, with a line of visitors at the door constantly. Even when he kicks his legs and throws his head back in a mini tantrum, we are still so over the moon for this kid. 

We really feel that the Lord knew what He was doing when he designed and created Hudson. I have never known such a greater smile so full of triumph, determination, pure adoration, and love. We’ve always said that Hudson’s eyes tell a story, and man, what a story to be told. We can’t wait to see Hudson’s story unfold as this wild & crazy ride continues. Our hope is that God can use us through this uncomfortable and unfortunate situation. 

So many of you from home have asked our families how you can help us or what we need. Right now, we just need y’all to keep being wonderful. The prayers, cards, messages, cookies, Wegmans gift cards, and overall love means so very much to us. We miss our sweet home & community more than we ever thought we could, but we are so grateful for the tribe of people in Boston who love on us/check on us regularly. Hudson’s team of nurses and doctors have truly become family, just like all of you have. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, and for sending love to Boston. We love you all and will continue to pray for your endurance in the waiting too. If you could remember to pray for us too, it would mean so much to us. We specifically are asking for prayers for patience, and to somehow feel refreshed. We are just so done with all of this and are starting to find it harder to choose joy on these long, dark days. Our smiley little man definitely helps, along with all of you. Thank you! Hudson’s Crew, we love you! 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Y’all, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Lately it has been so very hard to see the light at the end of this dark & windy tunnel we’re in. Some days are harder than others, but we have felt captive to the hospital. It is so hard to wrap our minds around everything Hudson has gone through and still has yet to face. However, we do our best to hold onto the good days that are full of new adventures & precious time spent with our warrior. And today, my friends, was one of those days. 

We have so much to praise the Lord for today and we wanted you all to be a part of it. 

1. Hudson has officially hit 5 kg. He is is now 11 pounds and 60 cm long! The fact that he is growing and getting strong while waiting for a heart is huge! 26 ml of breast milk an hour of continuous feeds will do that to ya! 
2. Little man was taken off some major heart medications within the past few weeks and is handling the changes so far. He is showing some signs of withdrawal but nothing major. We are so happy to see him start to thrive, not just survive. 
3. Hudson has done some sprints on cpap and is working his way towards needing very little support for his breathing. He still has his nose cannula and is being supported as he does all of the breathing on his own. As much as the breathing vent is for his lungs, the bi pap and cpap are supporting his heart function too because of how sick his heart is. Hudson successfully was on cpap for over 13 hours today! 
4. We have been able to take Hudson outside twice now! Our hearts have never been more full than in these two moments. Seeing Hudson so at peace when he was outside was truly a gift from God. He slept the first time we went to the rooftop garden, and today he was wide awake & smiley, feeling the warm air hit his sweet face. As heartbreaking as it is knowing he has only seen/known a hospital in his 3 months of life, these two walks made that all fade away for a brief moment. 
5. Last but definitely not least, we got the lab results back from Hudson’s team. They saw a very slight downward trend in Hudson’s antibodies! PTL! There are still a ton of antibodies but the strong ones are becoming weaker. Hudson’s B cells have been wiped out so they cannot make any new antibodies. They used a great analogy to help us understand all of this. It’s like a bathtub that is full of water with the faucet running. The faucet has now been turned off but the tub is still full of water. The existing antibodies are still there but it’ll take time to drain them out. They will do some repeat labs in two weeks to see if the antibodies have decreased even further. At this point, it will have been six weeks since his first antibody medicine and two weeks from the second antibody medicine he received. We are choosing to take this as a win! The results of these labs don’t change anything as far as being listed and waiting on a heart. Just like with a patient receiving chemo, it’s going to be a long process that will happen over the course of the next few months. All we can do is continue to pray that the medicine does its job in our sweet boy as he continues to grow & thrive.

We continue to enjoy each day with our little ham, who has developed quite the personality. Hudson is at such a fun age where he is often smiley and he is really starting to interact with people. (He especially loves to flirt with the pretty nurses & doctors). PT and OT continue to see Hudson improve in his mobility and development. Tummy time is going much better and his head control is impressive! 

Our hearts are very weary, broken, exhausted & torn, but they are oh so full. Please continue to pray for Hudson to grow, remain stable, for his antibodies to decrease, and for our endurance. Like we said in the last post, these days are long & extremely difficult. Seeing your baby in a hospital for this long is absolutely heart breaking, and no one should have to go through this. However, we are here, and we’re doing this thing. We know that God has big plans for Hudson & we cannot wait to see His plan unfold for our family. We also ask for continued prayers for Hudson’s heart buddies Asher & Asa and their sweet families, as well as the other babies/children on the floor.

Hudson shirts are still available for a few more days if you were interested in ordering one! 

Thank you for reading this long winded post and for all of your support. We love you all & Hudson sends his smiles to you 💙 

Isaiah 40:31 

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Two months ago, our lives were forever changed. Never before did we imagine to be having a great pregnancy one minute, and receiving life shattering news the next. We want to catch our family and friends up on what has been going on with our sweet baby boy, Hudson Crew Buckles.  

Due to my heart condition, we had a scheduled fetal echo cardiogram at RGH on January 7th. The ultrasound would allow us to know if Hudson had inherited my heart condition (aortic bicuspid valve), or if he had any other defects with his heart. The rest of this appointment is a blur to both Kyle and I as we received news that there are major issues with our precious boy's heart. We were presented with a condition called GACI and that he could potentially have this rare disease where only 900 cases have been reported worldwide.  The doctor then discussed how this is a very bad disease and highly fatal.  She then convinced us that we should do an amniocentesis.  Now, Kyle and I discussed previously that we wouldn't do the genetic testing because no matter the results we would be keeping our baby.  But, during the whirlwind of emotions and never been in this position before, we succumbed to scheduling the amniocentesis to see if further issues would be detected. After a painful wait for the results, we received news that the genetic testing had been completed and showed no issues.  During this time of waiting for the results, we were referred to Strong Pediatric Cardiology for more testing.

Our doctors at Strong were so kind to us and walked us through the issues that they saw with Hudson so early on in our pregnancy. Our first visit was at 22 weeks and we were told that Hudson has a congenital heart (CHD) defect known as Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). In addition to that, he has a highly restricted atrial septum, severe aortic stenosis, and a leak in his mitral valve. Which essentially means that he doesn't have a functioning left heart. The HLHS alone is a very rare condition but becomes even more rare when the other 3 issues are tacked on. We were told that the chances of Hudson surviving the pregnancy were very slim but that we would continue to monitor him every 2 weeks. This was a unique time when we had this appointment.  After the news that our baby has HLHS, the doctor mentioned ever so subtle that termination was an option.  We debunked that as an option and explained our beliefs.  What makes this unique, is that our next appointment (2 weeks later) was after NYS passed the legislation that a baby can be aborted up to delivery.  We stayed true to our beliefs, and reminded our doctor that no matter what we would be keeping our precious little boy. 

As the month of January was a complete blur to us, we continued going to Strong every 2 weeks and getting the opportunity to see our sweet boy on the ultrasound. He never ceased to amaze us with his movements, acting stubborn for the ultrasound techs, and his sense of humor. Appointment after appointment we were reminded of the severity of Hudson's condition and that he might not make it to term but we continued to trust the Lord. Instead of focusing on the "what ifs" and the negatives, we chose to look at everything one appointment at a time and to cherish every kick/movement felt. The only advice the doctor's could give us was to keep having a healthy pregnancy and to continue coming to monitor him bi-weekly. It was an extremely rough road, and still is, but each day is part of the journey. Thanks to the support of Kyle and our immediate family, I continued to work out 5 days a week, make healthy eating choices (with the occasional cookie or bowl of ice cream), and to stay healthy/strong for Hudson. He was my motivation and still is. We press on for him and daily ask the Lord for strength. 

Fast forward a little bit.....As time has passed, and we've been to countless appointments, Hudson has remained stable. He truly is a heart warrior and we are so grateful that God chose us to be his parents. The most recent fetal echos at Strong have showed that Hudson's little heart has remained stable and hasn't progressed for the worse like predicted. He is tolerating the pregnancy and his CHD okay at this point. We even saw a little flow through the aortic valve whereas in the past, we saw no flow at all! God is good! 

Now that we are at 29 weeks, the next steps are to decide where we will deliver and when it is time for little man to make his appearance. Due to the severity of Hudson's CHD, we will not be able to deliver anywhere close to home. There were some options to consider but it came down to the hospital that will have the best possible care/team of doctors for our little boy. Boston Children's Hospital has doctors who specialize in the surgeries/care for children with HLHS and they have been collaborating with Strong Pediatric Cardiology on our sweet Hudson. They have asked us to come for a fetal echo and appointment with their Advanced Fetal Care Center. 

We are very hopeful that Boston will agree to us delivering Hudson there & giving him the surgeries/care he will need immediately after birth. Please pray for our upcoming appointment on March 18th with the team at Boston's Advanced Fetal Care Center. 

We are asking for your continued prayers and support for our little family. We also want to apologize if we haven't been overly excited when talking about the preparation for our baby. It has been a lot to process but we thank God for His grace and strength each day! Each appointment, every tear, and all of the heartache has allowed us to grow closer together and in the Lord. 

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb, and before you were born I set you apart." -Jeremiah 1:5

"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." -Isaiah 40:31
Hudson Crew’s Story

Site created on March 5, 2019

Hudson Crew Buckles is a warrior. We wanted to have a place where we could update our family and friends on Hudson's story and our journey. Thank you for coming alongside our family during this time and we covet your prayers. This will simply be a way to keep family and friends in the loop. This site is not intended for financial support, rather, asking for your support in prayers.

“This little heart of mine, I'm gonna let it shine."