Thoughts & Well Wishes

Marjorie McOrmond | Aug 17, 2019
Hello Dear Ones: How honest of you to share your discouragement and your anger. We surely understand your emotions and so continue to ask God to lift you up, that you might feel His arms around you and that He will give you the courage to press on with your dear little Hudson. Yes, our Lord does hear the prayers that rise up on your behalf and He will answer in His time and in His way. We will pray that the new meds will "do their thing" and improve the situation for Hudson.        Much love in Jesus,
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Marjorie McOrmond | Aug 7, 2019
Hi....just want to assure you of my continuing thoughts and prayers for you all. I was so happy for you to read that you have your own living quarters now. That must be such a relief to be able to live "privately".....hope it's going well. So sweet to see pictures of Hudson....what a bright-eyed little guy! It must be such a solace to you to have new friends who are walking your very difficult path. May God give you continued comfort and strength. Love you!
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Mallory and John Scahill | Jul 16, 2019
Hi Mackenzie and Kyle, 
You don't know me personally but my mom (Amy Rynders) knows you from zumba, and my brother (Erik) used to play baseball with Kyle back in high school. My mom has been telling me about your beautiful son, and I just wanted to let you know that we are sending lots of prayers for baby Hudson, and for you both from Vermont! 
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Sharon Guck | Jul 1, 2019
MacKenzie and Kyle,  As I read your recent update on Hudson. I could not imagine what you are feeling. I saw the recent picture of Hudson, he is so handsome. I know deep in my heart that God is watching over all of you. Keep your faith in our Lord is so important. I continue to pray for you and Hudson. Praying that Hudson gets his new heart so he can continue growing and know what a loving family he has. I pray for the family that will have to make the decision that no parent wants to make regarding there child. Continued thoughts and 🙏. God Blesses you all. 
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Andrea Dunn | May 30, 2019
I am so happy to read about all of sweet Hudson's progress and seeing the beautiful photos! Thank you for blessing my life with sharing his story.  I have told my family about your family, so you have lots of people on the West Coast sending prayers and love your way, and for angels round about you.  🙏 😇
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