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Hudson Crew Buckles is a warrior. He has a lot going on with his little body but is a fighter. We wanted to have a place where we could update our family and friends on Hudson's story and our journey. Thank you for coming alongside our family during this time and we covet your prayers. This will simply be a way to keep family and friends in the loop. This site is not intended for financial support, rather, asking for your support in prayers. 

Mommy sings to Hudson every morning, "This little heart of mine, I'm gonna let it shine."

Newest Update

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Well friends, it’s been awhile since we’ve last written and we wanted to update all of you who are following Hudson’s story. What a little ham he is! He makes us smile each day with how expressive he is, how active he is, and how strong he is. 

Since our last update, the team of doctors that work with Hudson have met, talked with us, and collected a ton of data on our sweet boy. As of last Friday, we were presented with two options for Hudson moving forward and we were asked to think about them over the weekend. 

Hudson had officially stumped everyone and truly caused everyone to think outside of the box to provide a recommendation for his care. The team was split in which pathway would be the best for Hudson so we were presented with both options. 

Our cardiologist, Dr. T, and the surgeon who did Hudson’s open heart surgery had an idea for another surgery. They wanted to go back into Hudson’s heart and make the right side of his heart work with the left side as one. This surgery came with a lot of risks and really hasn’t been done before. 

The other pathway we could take is to install a VAD, a ventricular assistive device into his heart. This would be used as a bridge to getting him to a heart transplant. This would allow him to do normal baby things and meet milestones along the way. Ultimately, he would be on less support as he waited for a heart transplant. 

Both options sounded completely terrifying and we were beside ourselves over the weekend trying to comprehend everything. We prayed for clarity and for peace in the decision making because we had absolutely no idea which way would be best for Hudson. The hardest part was having the doctors all torn in which way they felt would be best for him. After the weekend, and after praying so hard for a decision, the team had finally all agreed on what the next best step would be. 

The recommendation of Hudson’s medical team was to get him on the transplant list. Ultimately, his heart is just too sick to function well on its own. The surgical route would have been too experimental and came with so many risks for our sweet boy. Once we knew the incredible group of doctors that love Hudson like their own all agreed on this recommendation, we were more at peace with it. 

As of Monday, Hudson was officially put on the transplant list. As we wait for a heart, there are things they can do to medically manage his health. Right now, they are continuing to use medicine to keep his heart rate down and he hasn’t needed the pacemaker this week like he did last week. 

As of right now, Hudson has had quiet days where he is resting & building up strength. They are continuing to increase his feeds so he gets good nutrition and we have been able to hold him once each this week. If he continues down this path, he might not need the VAD put in, but we will be okay with it if he does end up needing the extra support. 

The estimated wait for a heart is 3-6 months but it could be a lot shorter or longer. We won’t know until the transplant team walks in our doors with the good news. That’s going to be the hardest part. The lessons we have learned so far through all of this have been mostly about patience and giving up our own timelines. We have learned that our plans do not come close to the Lords plans for Hudson. So, we will continue to wait. We will wait on a heart, and we will wait on the Lord because that is all we can do. 

It’s a good thing this little boy is cute! He is getting away with a lot right now but rightfully so. Hudson has been through so much in six weeks of life and we couldn’t be more proud to be his parents. He will do something big with his life, we just know it. Join us is praying for Hudson’s continued strength, and peace for us in the waiting. Much love 💙

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