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Hudson Crew Buckles is a warrior. We wanted to have a place where we could update our family and friends on Hudson's story and our journey. Thank you for coming alongside our family during this time and we covet your prayers. This will simply be a way to keep family and friends in the loop. This site is not intended for financial support, rather, asking for your support in prayers.

“This little heart of mine, I'm gonna let it shine."

Newest Update

Journal entry by MacKenzie Buckles

Can we marvel at Gods perfect timing for a moment? 

Monday, October 7th was exactly 16 weeks of being listed for a heart transplant. Also, Hudson was 150 days old on Monday. (150 days spent in the hospital). By the time the transplant took place, it was Tuesday, October 8th. One year ago on October 8th, Kyle and I went to our first appointment and confirmed our pregnancy. How amazing is that?! Oh, it gets better! Hudson was born at 2:42 pm on May 9th and ended up receiving his new heart at 2:42. We received a call that his heart was sewn in and beating all on its own at 2:42 am on Tuesday morning. 

Reflecting on all of this and on God’s impecible timing has been truly amazing. We serve such an awesome God who went before us & planned out Hudson’s little life in more ways than we can count. 

Thinking back to our pregnancy and the countless appointments we had that ended in tears, we cannot help but be amazed. We were told by multiple doctors that Hudson would not survive our pregnancy. It was highly reccommended that we terminate our pregnancy, on more than one occasion. After leaving these appointments & sobbing in the back of the car, I remember saying “they don’t know how big our God is”. And here we are. 💙 We can finally start to think ahead and dream about the day our family can go home. 🏠 

So many of you have reached out to see how Hudson is doing & we appreciate it! He is definitely doing well given everything he has been through. His doctors continue to say how he has exceeded their expectations so far. We are still in the ICU but he is making progress in the right direction. The biggest thing for Hudson has been to get his swelling down, to ween off the sedation meds, and work towards extubation. He is not nearly as swollen as he was after his first open heart surgery, and the swelling continues to decrease with help from some intense diuretics. Weening from the heavy sedation meds has always been tricky for Hudson since he’s seen a lot of the big medications in the past. Currently, he is having a tough time withdrawing.  Being intubated this time around has also been tricky for Hudson because he’s so active. The last time he had a breathing tube for this long was when he was only a month old, and not very active yet. Seeing him kick and wiggle while strapped down is so tough but we know he will be back to his active self before we know it. We really do miss playing with him, seeing his infectious smile, and snuggling him but this is so worth the wait. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Hudson’s recovery and for our family. Our hearts go out to the donor family who must still be grieving the loss of their child. We’ve been able to listen to Hudson’s new heart beat and it is our prayer that someday the donor family can too, if they would so choose. We are still trying to process all of this so we appreciate your grace moving forward. Thank you all and we love you! 💙 
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