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Journal entry by Hollie Steuerwald-Wisniewski

Hello again,

  I LOVE this time of year with the different colored trees and the smell of the crisp cool air and the wood burning fires. Brings me A LOT of fond memories of hiking and working at a family camp during college. SOOO many GREAT memories and people that became my family. 😁 
  So, I have been trying to enjoy the sights and smells of the outdoors while life continues to change in our house on a daily basis. And the past three weeks have been no different. As you may recall from the last update Ron was accepted to a clinical trial down at Froedtert which was exciting. Our plans were to go down on Tuesday Oct 1st to finish the paperwork and do some last minute labs. And then get a biopsy the following day in order to set up his new chemo plan. But Ron had a rough few days leading up to that point and could only keep toast down. He hardly ate or drank anything and became light headed and had a hard time going from one side of the house to the other. So, after A LOT of talking and praying the night before. We decided that the best thing at this point is to stay here and try the chemo drugs they have at our cancer center, A VERY, VERY HARD decision as the trial was a glimmer of hope that may have helped Ron. But at this point his body is just not up for all the traveling back and forth and who knows what side effects these new drugs would give him? So, I called and cancelled the trial and we went into talk to his oncologists here the following day instead. Ron was REALLY dehydrated so they gave him fluids three times that week and then again this past week. They want to keep him hydrated while he is on the new chemo medication. So, he will continue to go in for fluids three times a week even though he can take the chemo drugs at home.He will take the chemo drugs two times a day for two weeks and then have a week off for three months. HOWEVER, we met with his doctors this week and they aren't even sure if these drugs will even help at this point seeing his liver numbers keep going up? So, they will keep monitoring him once a week and check his numbers. But these drugs are the last thing they can give him as they have tried all the other chemo drugs they can.
  YES, reality sets in more and more each day now as his pain seems to get worse and he doesn't sleep well at night. Who does in this house anyway? 😊 The doctor put him on liquid morphine now which seems to help more than the pills ever did. They also started him on Fentanyl patches on Friday that we have to change every three days and then he started the new chemo drug on Saturday. Plus, the doctors also talked with us this week about Ron's last wishes. So, he is wearing a DNR bracelet now in case something would happen with all the different meds he's taking and I have to call 911. But the doctors think he will be fine and so far he is as his body is just trying to adjust to all these new things at once. He just says he's REALLY uncomfortable and his stomach hurts. So, when we go back on Tuesday they may have to change the dosage of his pain meds again? But for now Ron seems a little better as he is watching his Steelers FINALLY winning a game. You know I have to give him a hard time about how the Packers have a better record than his team does for a change.😁
   So, as you can tell it has been another rough weekend. Not just physically for Ron but emotionally and mentally for all of us as it's A LOT to process again. I am just drained at this point trying to deal with everything. Thankfully, our women's retreat at church is this coming weekend as I SOOOO need to get away. Plus, where we are staying overnight is only ten minutes away if he needs me for anything. I am sure he will be just fine and will enjoy a break too.😀 
  The good thing is that God continues to be with us and teaches us through this difficult journey every day. We trust HIS plan and find our strength and hope and rest in HIM. We couldn't get through each day without God's grace and your endless prayers. Thank you for your continued love and support!

Hugs and prayers,
Hollie & Ron
😍 😍 😍 
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