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Site created on April 22, 2018

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Easter weekend 2018, our lives forever changed.  From bizarre symptoms, to Horner’s Syndrome diagnosis, MRIs, tests, and biopsies...we came face to face with cancer. This website chronicles  2.5 yr old Henry’s journey to ring that bell.  

To understand how we caught this, start with the first post.

For further information on Henry’s diagnosis of Neuroblastoma, please visit http://www.cncfhope.org/CNCF_Neuroblastoma_Parent_Handbook

Newest Update

Journal entry by Angela Daniels

Henry has been healing great since surgery. We cut all his dead coarse hair and within a week soft, new healthy hair has replaced it. He’s been enjoying the pool, the park, but especially school. 

The pathology test results came in from the tumor removed from Henry. The cells are still malignant. The tumor was encapsulated, but this barrier was shown to be breached, or cracked, with some cells escaping to the outside of the tumor. Which likely means some of these malignant cells were left behind inside Henry. These malignant cells can obviously create the potential for more tumor growth. While incredibly scary, we did get some positive news.  These malignant cells did test positive as being differential...which, simply put, means they are at the end of their rapidly cancer dividing life and will soon grow into normal mature cells.  Our plan of action for Henry’s future care involves scanning every few months to monitor any potential new tumors. 

We had Henry’s first baseline MRI yesterday to which we will compare future scans to see if any masses arise. We are so very happy to report that this scan is completely clear!! Which means since the resection of his tumor, nothing has started growing again AND his scar tissue is healing great from surgery.  

Henry and our entire family are beyond grateful for all your prayers and support. We want to remind everyone that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Please consider visiting http://events.curechildhoodcancer.org/site/TR?fr_id=1070&pg=entry 
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