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After some persistent unexplained vomiting Abby and Randy decided to bring Henry directly to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. Shortly after they found out that Henry has a brain tumor. Everything since then has been whirlwind of tears and support.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Abby Brown

I figured it was probably time to update everyone on how Henry did today. 

He was a very active little man today. Up and down from his bed, to the ground, to the couch. Playing with toys. Visited with a few friends and family today as well. 
He went for a walk around the hall. We made a blanket fort... That lasted 2 mins. 

The physical therapy team came in to evaluate him today and said that he is leaps and bounds from where he was after surgery, they are so happy and impressed with how well he is doing! (We always love to hear that we are doing something right). 

Dr. Axtel came by as well to continue follow up, he mentioned that Henry's blood work results are still looking good. There is one result called the bicarb that they are going to continue to monitor because it has been doing a rollercoaster since arriving, but still at good levels right now. 

Palliative care team came to introduce themselves, they are here to ensure Henry is as comfortable as possible. Making sure that he gets all the pain, nausea, and other discomfort taken care of while going through his chemo treatment. 

Radiologist team came in to introduce themselves as well. They will be in contact with the Oncologist team to figure out when Henry will be getting radiation treatment. Henry will most likely be receiving this treatment it is just, when is the question. They are trying to stretch it as far out as they can possibly do because he is only two...

His appetite has decreased along with his drinking, although he still wants milk. He did vomit about 10 minutes to 9 but wasn't a very large amount.

Overall still tolerating the chemo pretty good they do anticipate the days to worsen as they go on, he will feel more tired and even less of an appetite. One of the side effects of the chemo is constipation and so far he has not had a BM since Saturday. They started him on Lactulose today to hopefully keep things moving along. 

As much as Mom wanted a kiss today, Henry would just shake his head and grunt. But he did cuddle for a while, so that was nice for the time being.
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Cindy Culver | Jun 21, 2018
Pops and Mimi are thinking about you every minute of our day....you are our world and we love to the moon and back and infinity and beyond. Your in the best care with a great surgical staff and the BEST mommy and daddy in the world. Our love goes out to the Brown family 💖💖
sharon sherwood | Jun 20, 2018
Henry...Your are in our prayers everyday. God has you in his arms and holding you close. He will get you through this. You have a bright life ahead of you. We are also praying for your family as they deal with this in there heart. Keep them strong. Let them know there are a lot of people looking out for them.
Thank you for the updates.