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Site created on May 23, 2018

She was called home from work on may 23,2018 due to her home was on fire! The call that we never want to get! She was on her way home not knowing if everyone and the family animals was safe! She got home and a family friends was in the home and he got all of the animals out safe he was safe! Then she got the news her home was unable to be lived in anymore! And not much was able to be saved due to fire, smoke and water damage! 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Katrina Lopez

So ok,  it's only been over a month, and my family still torn apart because of this stupid fire that none of us asked for in our life, which by the way no one usually does, but it's like almost impossible now to.find a place to live
I mean geez you would think I was a crimal or something 
I mean for real, something gotta give somewhere 
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