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Journal entry by Heather Kleven

I ditched the wig! I had stopped wearing it out all the time a while ago. But last week I finally stopped wearing it to school. I went to my hairdresser to get it trimmed along the edges, make it look a little more like a haircut. And she ended up doing the fastest highlights ever as well. I felt cute afterwards! Which helped me ditch the wig!  Most kids were supportive. A few kindergarteners just couldn't get past it and kept commenting on how I look like a boy now. I had to have weird talks with them like "if I want to be a girl, then you have to let me be a girl..." and when a 3rd grader said it I had to be real and say "that doesn't feel like a compliment to me." Some classes didn't notice until half an hour in that I'm me! It clicked when I laughed at something, and one kid goes "wait - mrs kleven?" I said yeah - he goes "I thought you were a guest teacher!" 

So I've been on this clinical trial for almost 3 months. I'm getting a CT scan this week, and I'm hoping it will show that the drug has been effective. I find out the week after at a routine appt. 

They have switched my chemo drugs to an injection. Instead of sitting there for 2 hours while it gets slowly dripped into my port, I'm getting a quick injection in my thigh, and I'm done! I'm hoping the next step is removing my port! We'll see what the CT scan shows and what the Dr says. 

I got my 2nd moderna vaccine early this month, so I'm protected as possible for a while. Jon should be able to get his first next week!

Happy Easter everyone! 
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