Well Wish

By Peggy Carmichael — Jan 13, 2019
Hi Matt, You are a great communicator! I’m a friend of Anna Threadcraft from Halifax NS. I’ve worked in Cardiovascular ICU and looked after many patients that are where Heather is now. Everyone is very different in how they react to trauma, medication and surgery. I cared for one man five days after we turned his off his sedation and encouraged his wife and daughters with those words while in my head I was hoping it would prove true for him as he wasn’t waking at all. Finally he woke and was fine. Another young woman was on ECMO after collapsing post pregnancy from heart failure (similar to Heather) and was on it longer than we were comfortable with because of bleeding risks. She too fully recovered and brought her baby in to visit months later. 
Most importantly many people are praying to our God of mercy and love who holds her tenderly in his hand and isn’t worried even a little.
Look after yourself, eat well, sleep as Heather will need your strength later to continue recovering physically and emotionally. I’m so sorry that you and she are having to go through this but she’s blessed to have a caring husband and so many others who love her, that makes a big difference! Love and prayers Peggy Carmichael Mastin
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