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Feb 28-Mar 06

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Hayden finally got to see his favorite GI doctor in person today.  Dr. Balistreri!   It was the first time since before the transplant.  He was super excited to see him.  He gave us the pic of Hayden’s old liver.  Just wow! It is just amazing to know that he has a fresh new liver now.  What a difference. So so thankful.  Doc was so pleased at how things are going. He has given his blessing for us to go home on Friday.  We will have a six week break before we have to come back for next check up.  We are able to continue the weekly labs back home so they can continue to monitor him. 
It has really been an adventure and journey the last few months.  We have enjoyed our time in Cincy but we are ready to go back home.  God has been so good and seen us through every step of the way.  I give Him all the glory.  
I want to thank each one also for all the prayers,  support and love you have given our family. There is power in prayer and we have seen it first hand.  So many people donated money to help us with the living expenses in Cincinnati. I thank each one of you.  People we didn’t even know donated.  It was very humbling to know so many people care.   It helped out family immensely.  So many cards and care packages were sent as well. It all brought a smile to Hayden’s face and helped cheer him up.  On behalf of my family we thank you all for your generosity and love.  I hope God will bless each one in a special way. 

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