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Welcome to my CaringBridge web page. I am using it to keep family and friends updated on my health condition in one place. I really appreciate all the words of hope and encouragement that I’ve received. Keep um comin!!!😊Thank you all also for the support I’m receiving during my journey. I will post any updates on here for those who are following me along the way. Continually keep me in your prayers as I know where and with whom my help lies. Catch ya later, much love!❤️

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Journal entry by Hanisa (Keisha Moss) Smith

Hi family and friends, been awhile since I’ve posted on site. So much has been happening. Last week I was at Cancer center and signed contract to begin chemo(pill form) everything has been put on hold. One of the major side affects of the medicine is blood clots/ stroke so my main oncologist has decided to wait. Also I had an episode back in June that we are not sure if it was a  TIA(mini stroke). Because my case is very rare, I have 3 different plasma abnormalities instead of just 1 and there is not much research about my condition. So, my oncologist at Cancer Center is referring me to a specialist at  Emory University for a second opinion. My dr truly feels it’s some other underlying disease process going on contributing to all the symptoms I’m having along with the Smoldering Myeloma. I go back to Cancer Center next week and to Emory on the 21st  of this month. Thanks for all the prayers. Love & Blessings
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