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Hana: pronounced Hah-Nah. Named after our favorite place in the world, Hana, Maui in Hawaii.

After nearly 5 years of struggling with infertility and miscarriage, this past October we found out we were pregnant with a baby girl, who we've named Hana. During our 20 week anatomy scan appointment, the doctor found a tumor growing out of Hana's tailbone, and she has been diagnosed with Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (SCT). We will try to share updates, prayer requests and praises as we can. Thank you for visiting and keeping up with our family's story. 

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Ali Williamson

Somehow, we have a 3 month old!

Hana has been doing exceptionally well, and not just "for a baby with her start." She's been so amiable and dare we say...easy?! She sleeps gives us two long stretches of sleep at night, her favorite thing is to lay on her play mat and grab at the toys above her, she's chewing on her hands, and she giggles during diaper changes.

Hana enjoyed a trip down to South Carolina and seemed to not mind the car ride. Rest stops and Starbucks were our friend! She got to spend time with her grandparents down on Johns Island and got in the ocean for the first time. Chad brought her to their neighborhood pool where she loved kicking her feet. Thankfully, she was very happy in the water.

While she is easy, we are still asking all of the questions and reaching out to our friends about the littlest things, "When do babies start teething; why does she make so much noise when she sleeps; what are wake windows; how do I road trip with an infant..." and the list goes on... It really does take a village.

Prayer Requests:
SCT Checkups. We go in for bloodwork soon. They will test for tumor markers; join us in praying for good numbers. Our next trip to Baltimore will be in November after she gets an ultrasound. All in all, we're just praying for no recurrence. The chances are low especially since they removed her tailbone, but they do happen. 
Bladder/Bowel. Continue to pray for her "waste" systems. She has been doing all things normally from what we can tell. At our last appointment with her surgeon, he said her muscle tone wasn't as strong as he'd like, so we're praying for that to strengthen as she grows. There isn't really anything to do [we asked] except see what happens when we start potty training. This will show if she has appropriate control over her systems.

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