Hana’s Story

Site created on January 16, 2021

Hana: pronounced Hah-Nah. Named after our favorite place in the world, Hana, Maui in Hawaii.

After nearly 5 years of struggling with infertility and miscarriage, this past October we found out we were pregnant with a baby girl, who we've named Hana. During our 20 week anatomy scan appointment, the doctor found a tumor growing out of Hana's tailbone, and she has been diagnosed with Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (SCT). We will try to share updates, prayer requests and praises as we can. Thank you for visiting and keeping up with our family's story. 

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Ali Williamson

This week was one of the most challenging/draining we've faced so far.

The medicine still hasn't arrived because of some mistakes the pharmacy made. Once they finally shipped it, the winter storms across the US impacted the delivery. They have been with FEDEX for about a week, and there is no scheduled delivery at this time. We're hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday, but it's very discouraging and we feel pretty powerless. Poor Chad has been on the phone for a collective 7 hours this week trying to figure out how to get this medication.

Thankfully, they rescheduled our weekly scan for Friday, since the ice storm that hit Maryland was on Thursday. We heard very similar news to last week: the tumor is still growing, slowly, but surely. And her heart is starting to show signs of strain, but we're not in the danger zone yet. We ideally would like 7 more weeks before delivery!

Our appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon was moved to this coming week.

We've been trying to "figure out" what God is doing here. At our appointment, we discovered a potential setback. Ali has a history of high triglycerides, and there are concerns with that in combination with this treatment plan. So, once we finally get them, she'll need to be under daily monitoring for about a week. So, we're thankful that we discovered this now, before she began the medication, but it also feels like just another thing. 

Resolution: We both would love a sense of resolve and rest. In 2 Corinthians 7:5, Paul describes his distress by saying, "...our bodies had no rest, but we were afflicted at every turn - fighting without and fear within." The idea meaning - conflicts on the outside, and fear on the inside. And that is a great way of describing this week. So we ask you pray the God would comfort us the way he did Paul - with good news! And for some sense of resolution.

Eternal Perspective: This world is not our home. Our hope is not here on earth. We ask that the Lord let this settle into every part of our life. 

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