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Journal entry by Sue Crince

Here is the latest:
A few weeks ago Haley had a PET scan & CT done to check her progress. She is finished with all 6 rounds of chemo, so it's a big deal. A week later, we were supposed to go in for an office visit to get our results and find out her next steps. It was a long week of waiting, only to be told the day before the visit that Haley's oncologist had to go out of town unexpectedly. So frustrating! Thankfully, our nurse told the Dr. that I was going out of my mind and Dr. Morgan gave me a call.

She said that they were happy with her progress, but there was still activity on her PET scan. There is something called a Deauville scale - If it's 3 or under, they don't do anything. If it's above a 3, more chemo. Haley is at a 3. She is right on the edge. Of course, we were hoping for a zero. 

On Oct. 30, Haley will have more tests done. Hopefully the chemo will keep working to bring that number down. We'll know more in October. 

On one hand, if she does have to have more chemo, this will give her time to recover a bit. But it's pretty disappointing. We were planning on having an "F Cancer" party in August. Haley canceled the party because she wants to have reason to celebrate. She doesn't want to celebrate until this is done. 

So we wait.

We will have that party! We WILL!
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