Cheryl Borden|Aug 7, 2018
I know your last update was July 31st but I hope you are able to still see comments at this time. I am so happy to know of your healing progress Gwen! Thank you for keeping us informed Cheryl and forgive me for being late in sending my love and good wishes to all of you. Stay your strong, happy self Gwen, you will continue to successfully heal. I love you all very much.
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Maria Nanos|Jul 31, 2018
Gwen, love you my sister. Been thinking of you non stop this past month. Sending you a big, fat, sloppy kiss (sorry Cheryl).
xoxox. : )
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Carol LaFleur|Jul 31, 2018
I am glad there is some solace in that there are good doctors to assist with your cares. I am in hopes things continue to move forward and things are less stressful. God Bless and Prayers being sent.
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