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Wow, What a Month!

Hard to believe that this journey has only been a month long - sometimes it feels like years and other times it seems like only a second ago that life changed (of course there are times we wake up and think it was all a dream...).  We have settled into days filled with appointments, meeting new doctors and therapists to make sure Gwen is getting the best care.  She is progressing, although not as quickly as she would like - you know Gwen!!  She turns in her heart monitor this week, so we hope to have more information about that potential aspect of the stroke.

This will be our last journal entry. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to post information in one place and for making all of your kind comments. I have read each one to Gwen and it absolutely brightens her day! Speaking on the phone is still very tiring, as is reading, but please feel free to send her short texts to check in and send her your well wishes. If you would like more details, please feel free to call me (Cheryl 407.766.2567).

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  • Cheryl Borden : I know your last update was July 31st but I hope you are able to still see comments at this time. I am so happy to know of your healing progress Gwen! Thank you for keeping us informed Cheryl and forgive me for being late in sending my love and good wishes to all of you. Stay your strong, happy self Gwen, you will continue to successfully heal. I love you all very much.
  • Maria Nanos : Gwen, love you my sister. Been thinking of you non stop this past month. Sending you a big, fat, sloppy kiss (sorry Cheryl). xoxox. : )
  • Carol LaFleur : I am glad there is some solace in that there are good doctors to assist with your cares. I am in hopes things continue to move forward and things are less stressful. God Bless and Prayers being sent.