Honor Gunnar

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7 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Larry & Beatrice Peterson

“In honor of Gunnar Nelson”

Gifted by Donna Garcia

“Hey Gunner, my name is Donna and I am a friend of your Grand Ma Stacy. I will be your friend too, I'm sending you a big smile and alot of love,prayers”

Gifted by Melissa Portner

“In honor of Gunnar Nelson Gunnar and family, Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this journey. Melissa (I work with Jean)”

Gifted by Doug and Connie Streed

“In honor of Gunnar Nelson”

Gifted by Bea Keeling and family

“Sunny warm wishes and caring thoughts going out to you Gunnar from Florida! We're all praying for your complete recovery - take care and fight hard!”

Gifted by Michael Keys Family

“In honor of Gunnar Nelson, with Love & Support”

Gifted by Christi

“In honor of Gunnar Nelson, one of His great warriors!”