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Journal entry by Gretchen Lizza

Sunday will be 6 months since Carl's stroke. During this six months several friends have had very difficult health diagnoses, and several others have had life changes and losses to deal with as well. We have been praying that all of you are well, getting through your treatments and surgeries, and we are hoping your life is settling into some new kind of normal.  

Things here are slowly progressing and we are optimistic. Carl has been working very hard and now walks without a cane, (albeit wobbly), can get his clothes and shoes and socks on.  He is moving his right arm and hand and working on finishing tasks with it and fine motor skills. He is practicing golf swings with his PT and beginning to read and write again.  He is more aware of his surroundings, the date, politics, and much more self aware.

His speech is coming back and he is able to name things, but still struggles at times replacing words with synonyms that don't make sense when he strings several of the wrong words together... but he does recognize he is getting the wrong word now.  All of his Drs and therapists are astounded considering how massive the stroke was.  I am planning getting him back to some of his normal chores next week.  

The Barnes, Osgoods, and Stuckey's have visited us in the past two months and it really boosted his morale. His memory is getting better. So, when he hasn't heard from someone for quite awhile he is assuming that they died.  He asks several times a day if so and so is dead, and then tears up. So, if you have the time, please try calling or texting him once in a while.  Or, if you  have cabin fever and want to stop by... we have been quarantined forever and our furniture is 6 feet apart. 

Hoping by the end of August, we can stop by the club and let him ride along with someone in the cart for 9 holes.  Have a great weekend. Sending hope and faith to all of you.  This all will be over soon and we will be able  to get out for dinner with some of you before very long.
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