Honor Gregg

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10 Tribute Donations

Gifted by The Jerry Teagarden Family

“In honor of Gregg Lohman with continued prayers for a full recovery of mind and body and God's grace and comfort to family and caregivers.”

Gifted by Judy Pals

“In honor of Gregg Lohman”

Gifted by Naomi Roberts

“Greg - Was shocked to hear about your accident on Fox&Friends. Will keep you in my prayers.”

Gifted by Tom & Jan Heacox

“Gregg Lohman, to a speedy and complete recovery”
Ken the Weapon

Gifted by Ken the Weapon

“In honor of Gregg Lohman Best Friend anyone could have”

Gifted by Steve and Lola White and family

Gifted by Sherri Holcombe

“May GOD give you Strength, Love and Courage thru this unchartered journey. May many prayers and well wishes shower you to lift your spirits!”
Chuck & Brenda, Bryan & Tiffany, Chad, Lindzi

Gifted by Chuck & Brenda, Bryan & Tiffany, Chad, Lindzi

“Continued prayers and support to Gregg, his family and dear friends.”

Gifted by Brad Deters Family

“Hope surgery went well and you get healed up soon bud! The Deters family will be saying a lot prayers for a quick recovery.”

Gifted by Shellie Palmer

“To the Lohman family and Gregg may the Lord place his hands upon you, may he look upon you for guidance and strength. My prayers are with you all.”